What’s in your pocket? Orient CDD0001W vs. Patek Philippe Hunter Pocket Watch

February 24th, 2010 | 2 Comments

Patek Philippe, founded in 1851, has a legacy of quality watchmaking. Because of this legacy and the prestige of owning a Patek Philippe watch, they come at a high price. For example, the Patek Philippe Hunter Pocket Watch 980G costs a whopping $37,100.

If you’re searching for the elegant, classic style and superior function of the 980G without spending a year’s salary, look no further than the Orient CDD00001W.

Read on to learn why, at $390, the CDD00001W stands up to the challenge:


While the two watches have very similar appearances, they also have some distinct differences. The first lies in the actual material of the case. The Hunter Pocket Watch’s case is made of white gold, a precious metal that requires extensive upkeep, including yearly redipping in rhodium to keep its reflective white surface. On the other hand, the Orient’s stainless steel does not stain, corrode, or rust, making its upkeep minimal to nonexistent.

The second difference is size. At 48 mm, the Hunter’s case dwarfs the 40mm CDD0001W. Pocket watches are a beautiful and classic way to carry a watch without bulk on your arm. Depending on your preferences, the CDD0001W may be easier to have in your pocket all day because of its lighter weight.

A third difference between the two watch’s cases is water resistance. While the Patek Phillipe watch does not have a tested water resistance, the Orient features a water resistance of 30m. This means that if you spill water on the watch, it will be perfectly fine.

Finally, the Orient watch comes with a belt clip, for even greater convenience when reaching for the time.


Both watches contain in-house, manual movements. Each manual wind of the CDD0001W produces 40 hours of power, and each wind of the 980G produces 50 hours of power; that is, you can wear your watch for up to that amount of time before you must wind it again. However, the Patek Phillipe lacks a power reserve indicator, a distinct advantage of the Orient watch because it keeps track of the amount of power left – you know when power is running low and you need to wind again.

Because both watches contain in-house movements, you can be assured that the utmost attention and care has been placed in the details of their production.

The Orient CDD00001W is an elegant timepiece that fits well into any situation. With the same style and capabilities as the Patek Phillipe Hunter Pocket Watch, the CDD00001W represents quality at a fraction of the price.

Cassie Wallace

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  2. By Jeff York on Feb 24, 2010

    Cassie to be honest, your review is right on except for 1 major item, Patek Philippe has the hunter case. This is a major item for a person who actually uses a pocket watch. In the early days, men wore vest and that is where they put their watches. Look at a wonderful life and you will notice that the banker has his watch on a chain in his vest pocket. Now today, few people actually wear a vest. So where does the watch go, into a pants pocket with everything else in there. With a mineral crystal hitting against coins, keys, leaning on desk, then just isn’t any protection for the crystal to keep it from getting scratched or cracked. Yes I do agree for the money the Orient is a steal for a quality mechanical pocket watch, however one will have to be careful to prevent damage to it. I have and wear the 3 different pocket watches I have. However this only occurs when I have on my vest. That is where the watch goes is into the watch pocket. Of course a person that can afford an expensive watch should be able to afford to keep it looking proper as well. Just my thoughts. Keep up the good work and love the Orient watches.

  3. By rodney prewitt on Mar 7, 2010

    This is a classically “clean” and elegant design. I like the features of smaller size and lighter weight for a watch intended for more refined occasions. What a great item for a “life event” gift. I will definitely place this watch on my list for a future purchase.

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