What to Wear and How to Wear it: Spring Break

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We feel that there are all different kinds of instances in life that require a trusty timepiece (because why not?). This is just one of them. Introducing “What to Wear and How to Wear It”, where we provide some personal suggestions about what to wear, when and (most importantly) why.

Besides March Madness, when we people think of March, one other thing comes to mind: spring break. A good spring break vacation means something different to everyone, whether it be a trip to the beach to enjoy the warmer temps, one last drive to the mountains for skiing, a backpacking trip around Europe, or simply going out for a night on the town in your home city. No matter what you’ve got planned, we have a watch to suit your needs. Many of the selection are so versatile that you couldn’t go wrong with either. So if you are part of the lucky few who get a spring break, enjoy it, and we’ll see you back in the office on Monday.


Mako on Rubber FEM65004MW

For those of you guys are checking out the beach, the perfect addition to the beach towel, umbrella a nd cooler is the Mako FEM65004M. This orange dial Mako is mounted on a rubber strap, which is ideal for its comfort and lightweight (you’ll forget you’re even wearing it) and it’s got the water resistance for jumping in the ocean and it won’t deteriorate like a leather band would. Be sure to soak up the sun and work on your watch tanline!

_DSC9390 - Copy

Bambino FER24004B0

You don’t need to travel far to have a memorable spring break. If you are planning on staying in town and visiting the same haunts you can still mix things up by strapping on a new timepiece. The Bambino FER24004B0, with its 3 hands for time and 40.5mm case, is a wonderfully classic timepiece for a nice out on the town. Simple and elegant, the Bambino is very versatile and can be dressed up with a suit or dressed down with a t-shirt and not look out of place.


M-Force Air Diver SEL03004B0

If you are trekking to the mountains for one last week in the powder, strap on the M-Force Air Diver EL03004B0. The rubber strap will fit easily over a ski jacket or on your wrist alone. With an ISO certification for shock resistance, the Air Diver will be great for going down the mountain. Its ISO certified 200m depth rating means you don’t need to worry about keeping it out of the snow or the water on your next vacation to the beach.

explorer 7510

Explorer FDH00001W0

If traveling internationally is in your forecast, check out the Explorer FDH00001W0 with its dual time or GMT functionality. The dual time allows you to set your watch to keep a secondary time zone of your choice, making it easy to keep track of the time back home (just in case you want to call home to brag to your friends about your trip). Topped off with a sapphire crystal, this watch will stay looking handsome for many trips to come.

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