What to Wear and How to Wear it: Job Interview

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We feel that there are all different kinds of instances in life that require a trusty timepiece (because why not?). This is just one of them. Introducing “What to Wear and How to Wear It”, where we provide some personal suggestions about what to wear, when and (most importantly) why.

Put on your game face, it is time for that job interview you’ve been (hopefully) looking forward to. Fresh college grads abound may be applying for their first internships to pad that half page resume. You may be praying that they don’t ask you what your biggest flaw is (terrible tip: “you work too hard and you care too much”), but what you shouldn’t be nervous about is what’s on your wrist. While this could be at a hot new startup or an established brand, your timepiece is important for both style and preventing you from pulling out your phone to check the time (even if you think you’re being discreet). But before you do here’s a guide when it comes to what’s on your wrist. So whether you are interviewing to be the intern getting everyone coffee or the next step up, we have a watch for you.

capital 9385 small

Much like being an intern, the Capital is a great entry point to the world of watches. Since the Capital is powered by the quartz caliber HS911 movement, you won’t have to worry about time inaccuracy. Quartz watches are normally thinner than mechanical watches which makes the Capital a very slim, lightweight piece. With either a black dial or white dial with stainless steel hands and indices, the dial is highly legitable and uncluttered. With the day and date window at the 3 o’clock position, you’ll be able to easily count down the days ‘til the weekend. The domed crystal gives the watch a retro feel that’ll pleasantly stand out from your co-worker’s contemporary watches.

chairman 0448 small

If you want a watch with a bit more presence on the wrist, the Chairman can’t be missed. Clocking in at 41mm wide, the Chairman is a smidge bigger than the Capital and uses a larger crown to adjust the watch. The dial is laid out vertically with sub dials for both day and date placed respectively at the 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock position. This vertical arrangement always for an extremely visually balanced dial, perfect for anyone who likes things well organized. Running on a quartz caliber KUA00 movement, the Chairman will wear very light on the wrist and will also be quite thin. The retro styling will give all the benefits of a vintage timepiece but without the headaches of a vintage watch’s unreliability.

bambino 0062 small

So maybe you are still at the bottom rung of the ladder, but at least you aren’t the intern. You’ve got your foot in the door and that’s all that truly matters. That’s why we think the Bambino is the perfect companion for your interview. If you’re leaning toward a mechanical timepiece, it is tough to beat the Bambino. The Bambino is a delightful vintage inspired watch housed in a more modern case size. It comes in both either black or white with the option of being housed in stainless steel, gold tone or rose tone. This is a classic watch that’ll garner positive attention about your tastes without looking like you are showing off your pocketbook (or lack there of).

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