What to Wear and How to Wear it: Date Night

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We feel that there are all different kinds of instances in life that require a trusty timepiece (because why not?). This is just one of them. Introducing “What to Wear and How to Wear It”, where we provide some personal suggestions about what to wear, when and (most importantly) why.

It’s date night. Now this could be anything from your weekly routine or a first date; so avoid terrible etiquette by checking your phone for the time and use a watch for a discrete way to stay on schedule.  But before doing so, there are some guidelines for your timepiece for a night on the town: your watch should be simple and complications kept to a minimum. You don’t need a chronograph or need to track four different time zones when driving to pick up your date. Steer towards classic watches for their size, readability at a glance, and conservative looks (depending on your date, she might get tired of people giving your watch more compliments than her). If you wish to go more dressy with your watch, choose a leather band, and for a more casual look, a metal bracelet. Another perk of a metal bracelet is that it’ll go with either brown or black shoes/belt. Now that’s a big plus. For the size of the case, keep it under 42mm, and don’t stress too much about lume– you’re supposed to look more sophisticated than you actually are! And the longer you guys are dating, the more adventurous you can go with your style. So go finish getting ready, because you don’t wanna be late.

chicane 7986

Chicane FER1X004W0

If you are interested in a slightly modern take on a classic watch, check out the Chicane FER1X004W0. This is a great watch because of its graceful white dial and dressy brown leather band. What makes it slightly more modern is the moderately larger case size of 39mm, the use of arabic numerals for the 12, 6, and 9, and the lume applied to the hands and indices. The date complication has been added to increase its functionality.

grandeur 7971 PSed

Grandeur CFDAC004B0

If you are craving something more unique in your timepiece, look at the Grandeur CFDAC004B0. What makes this watch so unique is the rectangle case used on this classic watch, measuring 35mm x 36mm. The dial has both a date display and a power reserve, as well as a light texturing to add visual interest. Roman numerals have been used for the indices which further emphasizes the classic styling of the Grandeur and a bit of lume has been applied to the hour and minute hand for readability at night.

classic 6957 PSed

Orient Star Classic SEL05004W0

Finishing up our list is the Orient Star Classic SEL05004W0, which is by far the dressiest of this lineup. Wearing this watch will make you want to put on a suit. What makes the Classic the most dressy is the traditional case size of 38.5mm, the lume-less dauphine hands with tapered hour indices, highly domed crystal and domed dial (which is very vintage influenced), and leather band. Topping it all off is the date and power reserve indicator complications. This watch does classic styling the way it should be, simple, understated, and timeless.

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