What to Wear and How to Wear It: The Best Watches for Camping

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We feel that there are all different kinds of instances in life that require a trusty timepiece (because why not?). This is just one of them. Introducing “What to Wear and How to Wear It”, where we provide some personal suggestions about what to wear, when and (most importantly) why.

Need some time for a vacation to recharge the batteries? What’s a better way to do that than hiking or camping? Breaking away from city life and exploring mother nature is an incredibly rejuvenating experience, but one that should be taken with the proper tools. So don’t forget to take your watch because it is easy for a phone battery to quickly drain away whereas an automatic mechanical watch won’t. An important feature for a watch to have while exploring the wilderness would be high water resistance in order to protect the mechanical movement from sudden rain showers, fishing or when crossing creeks. Pairing it with a rubber strap will provide additional benefits due to its light weight (every ounce counts when you are carrying supplies through the woods) and the fact that it’ll be easy to clean the dirt off once you get home. Stainless steel will get too sticky from sweating during those hot summer months. Also, if you are planning on staying out after dark, a bright lume is critical during the moments before you set up your campfire and after you put it out.

Some great options for camping:

blue ray on rubber 8581 PSed - Copy

Ray Rubber FEM6500CD9

Many of the features that make this a great diver watch make the Ray Rubber a great watch for the woods, the 200m water resistance is more than enough for crossing creeks and fishing in a lake. The rubber strap cuts down on weight that could be used for more supplies and the lume will keep you on time long after the sun goes down and you are heading back to your campsite.

OrientM-Force 2013 SEL03005YO.Still002

M-Force Air Diver SEL03005Y0

If you are going to be roughing it even longer, take the M-Force Air Diver. With its three ISO Certifications for water resistance (200m), shock resistance, and anti-magnetism, the Air Diver can take whatever you throw at it. Long after your cell phone dies, the Air Diver will still have plenty of juice left, and thanks to the handy power reserve indicator you can tell exactly how much is left. If you are starting to run low, don’t forget that is also hand winding!

side shot

M-Force Beast Ti SDV01001B0

If you want the three ISO certifications (200m water resistance, shock resistance, and anti-magnetism), but a bigger case and less weight, check out the M-Force Beast Ti. The case clocks in at 47mm and it has lume that’ll light up the night sky. Important to note is that the titanium case is highly resistant to corrosion, which is a killer feature when dealing with all the elements that you’ll come into contact with out in the great outdoors.

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