What to Wear and How to Wear It: Art Gallery Opening

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We feel that there are all different kinds of instances in life that require a trusty timepiece (because why not?). This is just one of them. Introducing “What to Wear and How to Wear It”, where we provide some personal suggestions about what to wear, when and (most importantly) why.

Here’s the picture; somehow you managed to get a ticket to the new exclusive (or not so exclusive) art gallery opening in town this weekend and you have an idea of what you want to wear, but you don’t know what to put on your wrist. Here are some ideas. In all likelihood, it won’t be your art up on the walls, but you can have your own conversation piece on your wrist. A colorful and avant garde timepiece is a great way to strike up a conversation, and could compliment the artwork as well. Of any night, this would be the night to bust out your most unique piece that best shows off your personality. One option would be to go with a modern styling of dark cases and clean lines. On the other hand, if the art is more conventional, go with a traditional look. But that does not necessarily mean boring, pick out a semi skeleton dial for the intricate detail that’ll have any art lover mesmerized. Either way a stainless steel bracelet or leather band will fit in nicely.

Great options to wear to an art gallery opening:

FER02006A0 Disk.Still022

Disk FER02006A0
If you want to go modern, you can’t pass up the Disk which takes the idea of what a wristwatch should look like and turns it on its head. The hour hand is in the form of a cut out that changes color as time goes by. It’s certainly very different from what’s out there!


Curator FFD0J003A0
With the dark grey dial, that looks like a shade of concrete, this Curator has an urban twist on a classic styled watch. The combination of brushed and polished indices and dauphine hands gives the watch an edgier look that’ll fit in at a gallery just as well as on the subway.



Eminence FDW08004B0
If you’re interested in going classic, look no further than the Eminence. The black dial acts as negative space which emphasizes the semi skeleton cut out on the dial, and drawing the eye into the intricate mechanics. The artistry doesn’t end there: by flipping the watch over you can show off the decorated backside of the movement through exhibition caseback. Now how many paintings do you know that are also meant to be seen from behind?

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