What to Wear and How to Wear it: The Perfect Wedding Watches

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We feel that there are all different kinds of instances in life that require a trusty timepiece (because why not?). This is just one of them. Introducing “What to Wear and How to Wear It”, where we provide some personal suggestions about what to wear, when and (most importantly) why.

It’s that time of year, wedding season.

You got invited to your buddy’s wedding and you want to look sharp, but its not over once you’re finished picking out your suit, shirt and tie; you gotta think about what’s going on your wrist. Your watch says a lot about you and for an occasion like a wedding, you might wanna ditch your diver (we are not all James Bond) and wear something classic. For a classic watch, the fewer the complications, the better. Three hands for time and a date functionality is all you need. Perhaps a power reserve indicator could come in handy to see how much power you are generating on the dance floor. You don’t need a chrono, tachymeter, and a slide ruler to distract you into tracking how fast the bridal party is moving, so keep it simple and clean. Opt for a leather strap for this formal event and be sure to match it to your shoes and belt or for a stainless steel bracelet for a more casual wedding. Your best bet would be to pick a dark dial to keep it subdued, but a white dial can work just as well. And remember, if you are in the wedding party, be sure to coordinate with the suit picked out for you, after all, what the bride wants, the bride gets. Here are some suggestions on what to wear for their (or even your) big day.

bambino 0071 small

Bambino FER24004B0

If you are yearning for traditional styling, you need this Bambino. With a case size of 40.5mm, the Bambino is a classic watch housed in a slightly more modern case size. The highly domed crystal and dial is as classic as its gets and gives a wonderful vintage quality to the timepiece. Looking straight out of the 50s and 60s, but the Bambino has modern fit and finishing and is far less delicate than a vintage piece, best of both worlds. Using a black dial, this bambino is perfect for more formal occasions and will go with virtually any suit, shirt and tie, you don’t need to worry about clashing. The dauphine hands and tapered indices keep this watch looking clean and straight to the point. The only complication it has is the date window, a helpful way to quickly remind you the date of your buddy’s big day. Lastly, to finish off the dressy look, this Bambino has been mounted on a glossy black leather band.

golden eye 0078 small

Golden Eye FDB05001W0

For a bit of a flashier option, this Golden Eye is a classic watch with a few unique features which we think makes it worthy of your attention. First off, it is a time only watch with no added complications. This on its own puts the Golden Eye in the classic section. Following classic guidelines, the white dial has a lovely texture applied to it for a touch of sophistication. Notably, the Golden Eye is housed in a 38.5mm case, putting it squarely in the traditional classic watch size. Though it might be considered small by today’s standards, this is the size that had been sitting on generations of wrists before you. Employing a semi skeleton dial is where the flash comes into play. This cut out adds a great deal of visual interest that both you and any other guests will enjoy and will let everyone know this is a mechanical piece. Combining the white dial and stainless steel bracelet, the Golden Eye leans more casual dress, and would be perfect for an informal summer wedding. And with a sapphire crystal protecting the dial, this could be your go to wedding watch for many years to come.

vintage 1839 small

Vintage FFD0F004W0

When discussing classic watches, its not just black and white conversation; consider the cream dial on this Vintage. This Vintage would pair wonderfully with a blue or grey suit, perfect for summer.  A modernized classic timepiece, the Vintage has a 40mm case size, which has been designed for modern tastes; yet still remains on the petite side so it is not overbearing on the wrist. Textured dials are often used on classic watches to emphasize the elegance of the timepiece, which is the case with the Vintage. The textured cream dial also causes the bright blue hands to stand out, creating wonderful contrast and aiding in the readability of the watch; which often times can be a concern with classic watches. Aside from the time, two additional complications have been added to the Vintage, date and power reserve. These complications increase the functionality and push the watch toward being a modern piece, but the overall presentation of the watch keep it in the classic realm.

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