What to Buy? Tips for Purchasing Watches Online

April 27th, 2012 | 1 Comment

Looking for an authentic watch? Then steer clear from Canal Street in New York City. Buying watches online has both its advantages and disadvantages. The opportunity to find numerous authentic dealers is great, but then again, so is the chance of running into an online Chinatown.


I hate to beat a dead horse, but homework is key when buying watches – especially online. I commend our regular readership on their knowledge and love for authentic timepieces – this is evident in their feedback. I can only hope that those new to the marketplace take their watch purchase with the same level of seriousness.

Replica Watches

Websites buy/sell replica watches in bulk at ridiculously low prices. These prices are ridiculously low because the watch itself is not authentic – it’s fake. Watch out for these and learn the lies about replica watches. Some believe that there is nothing wrong with purchasing fake/replica watches; but aside from a lack of appreciation for authentic value, buying fake/replica watches:

    • Hurts the actual company’s image and revenue


  • Supports illegal behavior (manufacturing replicas/fakes is illegal although owning one is not)


Make sure you read the fine print when purchasing any watch, especially if it is from anyone other than an authorized dealer. eBay is an example. If it is not stated on the item page that the watch you are trying to purchase is a replica, then ask (i.e. demand) to see the official paperwork prior to the sale to make sure it is legitimate. John Biggs from wristwatchreview.com provides a great example of how close a replica watch may mirror an actual model.



Authorized Dealers

If a dealer is an authorized retailer it will be made known. This is no secret. This is a huge advantage for the buyer. It gives you a straightforward method of identifying potentially risky sellers if they are not authorized but they sell ‘brand name’ watches. Not only do replica manufacturers cheat the customer, they also tarnish the image of the actual manufacturer. For this reason, authorized dealers will not camouflage their authenticity. Also, ensure that the methods of payment are legitimate and that your privacy is protected when purchasing from any dealer.

Test Run

Use the watch specifications given on websites or reviews to your advantage. Making sure that the watch size and shape fit your wrist before purchase can ensure a good buy. To figure out if watches online will fit you:

    • Create a paper cut out based on the watch dimensions and place against your wrist. Although the paper does not completely resemble the watch, it provides you with a feel for how your wrist will accommodate the size.


  • Find a store that carries a watch of the same size (or that exact watch) and try it on. This is the best way to get an idea of the feel/weight of a watch.


It helps to relieve some stress if you have a better idea of what you are buying. Every little bit of information makes the overall decision that much easier.

Discount Prices

The progression of the internet (and internet shopping) has completely transformed how companies compete for customers. This is great for consumers, but there are still rules of thumb:

    • Discount prices on quality watches is a good thing.


  • If it’s too good to be true…[insert common sense here]


Great deals are all over the Internet but don’t view them out of context. Ask questions. How can this company afford to charge $200 while the other charges $2,000? Why isn’t there a return policy? Same rules as above apply. Know from whom you are buying, and if you aren’t sure, then send an email or contact by phone. Purchasing automatic watches from Orient USA guarantees that all purchases are returnable/refundable. This is what you would like to see from all retailers.



Ease Off The Trigger

I was perusing around the watch section of a jewelry store last weekend when a gentleman came into the store with the intent of buying an Omega watch. His reason for the purchase – Omega was…Omega. The sales person could have sold him any type of watch (real or fake) as long as the Omega logo was on it, and he wouldn’t have known the difference. To his advantage, this was a reputable establishment. Don’t let this happen to you. Take your time and do your homework. For those that are now beginning their journey into the wonderful world of watches, I hope that this outlines a rudimentary plan for how to buy watches online.

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  2. By Patrick on May 16, 2012

    Great points – and definitely something to keep in mind when looking through the secondary market.

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