What Makes a Sports Watch? 3 Essential Features

October 10th, 2012 Posted in Orient Watch Reviews | 4 Comments

If you’re the sporty type, you’re probably in the market for a sports watch. But what is a sports watch, exactly?

Check out these 3 essential features of a sports watch.

1. Durability

One of the most defining features of a sports watch is its durability. A true sports watch will have a solid case as well as a sturdy band. Built tough, sports watches are intended to withstand shock such as falls, bumps, or scrapes.

In addition, sports watches contain some amount of water resistance. Though every sports watch will not be equipped for diving, the majority will be resistant to at least 100m. This level of water resistance is safe for swimming, snorkeling, and other water sports, but is absolutely not suitable for scuba diving (you want a watch with at least 200m water resistance for scuba diving).

Here’s the Orient TV0000 Enterprise for an example.

The Enterprise is super durable with a large, sturdy stainless steel case (45mm), as well as a detailed, stainless steel bezel and band. Enterprise also offers 100m water resistance, a quartz movement, a chronograph with an alarm, a tachymeter, and an enlarged date indicator.


2. Style

It’s pretty easy to distinguish a sports watch from an executive watch. Sports watches tend to have a bulkier build and a bolder style. Sports watch dials also tend to be a bit busier than other types of watch dials. Multiple eyes, multiple push buttons, and a detailed bezel and/or case tend to be fairly commonplace on most sports watches.

As mentioned, sports watches are shamelessly bold. Whether through pops of bright colors like red, orange, or lime green, colorful dials, or simply large, easy-to-read indices, sports watches stand out.

Check out the Orient CFTAB00 Arena for an example of a super stylish sports watch.

The Arena features a solid, detailed case, multiple eyes on the dial, large indices, and a bold accent color (either orange or lime green, depending on the model). Additionally, Arena is equipped with 100m water resistance and a sturdy genuine leather or stainless steel band (depending on the model), which are both essential for a sports watch.


3. Multiple Functions

As hinted at earlier in this article, sports watches generally have lots of functions, lending to multiple eyes, push buttons, and other stylistic details. Most basically, sports watches are often equipped with calendars and power reserve indicators.

Other sports watches take their sportiness to the next level. Such watches feature alarms, timers, chronographs, and tachymeters.

The Orient CTD1000 Colossus is one sports watch that features multiple functions and great sporty style.

The Colossus functions include a chronograph with an alarm, a tachymeter, and date calendar. This quartz watch is further equipped with 100m water resistance, a solid and detailed case, and either a durable urethane or stainless steel band (depending on the model).





Are sports watches your style? If so, what’s your favorite sports watch? Leave a comment below!

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