What’s the Case, Orient CFNAA006B?

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No two watches are the same. As with any fashion accessory, watchmakers are always thinking of new, innovative designs to keep up with trends, and varying the watch’s case shape is one way to do that.

Case shape is often a big deciding factor when buying a new timepiece. For example, the tonneau case shape of the Orient CFNAA006B is one unique feature that adds to its modern, urban feel and appeals to the trendy watch buyer.

You can find a watch in just about any shape, from a flower to an octagon. While unique shapes reflect trends that are often fleeting, there are 4 basic case shapes that have stood the test of time.

Read on to learn about the following watch case shape designs and find out which one is best for you:

  • Round
  • Tonneau
  • Rectangle
  • Square

Round: Classic and Versatile

The first wristwatches were round, and the shape still dominates the market today. Drawing inspiration from the shape of pocket watches, a round shape is the most popular for a few reasons.

A round watch is versatile. Many sporty watches, like an Orient diver watch, are made with a round case shape because it’s easier to make this shape water resistant. Features of many sport watches, like unidirectional bezels, require a round shape to work.

Many dress watches use this shape because it’s classic, simple, and elegant. The Orient CFD0E001W, for example, uses minimalistic features and a round case shape to create a traditional and refined dress watch.

Tonneau: Fashionable and Casual

Tonneau, which means “barrel” in French, is a variation of a rectangular shape, with 2 convex sides.

A watch with a tonneau case is unique and eye-catching, like the trendy Orient CFNAA006B. Whereas round watches connote a traditional style, tonneau watches are geared toward the more fashion forward watch buyer.

As tonneau watches are gaining popularity, they’re becoming more versatile. Their stylishness makes them a great shape for more casual, everyday watches, but the shape has been seen in dress watches as well.

Tonneau-shaped cases are also popular for women’s watches as well, like the classy Orient CESAC002W.

Rectangle: Sophisticated and Sleek

First popularized by Cartier’s military-inspired watches, the rectangular watch shape has evolved and now is associated with elegance and sophistication.

Rectangular watches are often curved to fit the wrist—making them easy to fit under a shirt sleeve and giving them a sleek and lightweight feel—ideal features for a dress watch.

Because they’re characterized with refinement and elegance, you’ll find a rectangular case shape on many high-end luxury watches like the diamond-encrusted Concord Delirium.

Square: Contemporary and Bold

Many fashion watches are made with a square case shape because it is unique and bold, but their look depends a lot on the size. Larger square-shaped cases tend to have a sportier look while a smaller square can have a dressier feel.

When a square shaped watch has rounded edges, it’s called a cushion shaped case, a popular shape for luxury watches and many womens’ watches, like the Orient CESAA001W.

So tell us, what’s your favorite case shape? Comment below.

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