Watches Collection: Start or Expand?

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Whether you own one watch or multiple watches, adding to or improving your watch collection can be simple, fun, and even become a great hobby for you. Many people collect watches as a hobby, and types and sizes out there vary greatly. Since watches are a great fashion accessory today, instead of just a tool for telling time, consider the benefits of adding to your collection of watches, and check out some of the fashionable watches available today.

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Your Collection of Watches: Getting Started

One of the most important pieces of advice when starting your collection is to take your time. The more information you collect, the more satisfied you will be about the watches you ultimately posses.

A great way to scope out what’s out there is by simply checking out department and jewelry stores. You’ll be able to get a general idea about what sizes, styles, and materials interest you. However, the best resource for a watch collector is the accessibility of other collector’s knowledge on the internet. Online watch forums are virtual bulletin boards where collectors can come together to:

  • Showcase their collections
  • Ask for seller references
  • Trade and sell their own watches

There are many factors to consider when beginning to build your watch collection. Important considerations need to be made about watch types, materials, movements, and styles (and price range of course!). Sometimes a good way to start out (what many collectors do initially) is buy a different watch for multiple events. For example, collect a watch for the office, one for working outdoors, one for formal dress, and one for casual wear.

However, no matter what types of watches you ultimately decide to add to your collection or the way in which you go about doing it, it is interesting to note that watch collecting is a great hobby and can provide a whole new type of enjoyment in your life.


Orient Watch Collection

Orient offers three foremost collections: Orient, Orientstar, and Royal Orient. The latter collection of the three is introduced solely at the Japanese market. Orient presents mechanical watches as its core products and takes pride in this collection because of the perfect craftsmanship and top quality of these watches. As mechanical watches continue to grow in popularity, Orient’s own mechanical watch collection has become better than ever.

Other great mechanical collections by Orient include: the Sporty Automatic, the Classic Automatic, and the Fashionable Automatic. The Fashionable Automatic is perfect for women who value the true beauty of a mechanical watch.

An interesting and unique collection of watches by Orient is the OrientStar Retro Future Collection, which features the following concepts:

  • Camera concept - has a bezel designed as a camera lens
  • Motorcycle concept – the dial is inspired by gas tanks of Italian motorcycles
  • Airplane concept – reveals elaborate details such as lugs presented as tail fins and a bracelet featuring wing flap design
  • Car concept – the design of the balance wheel of the car model reminds wearers of a steering wheel


What YOU need to add to your Watch Collection:

One of the biggest watch trends today is the size. Bigger=better. The ideal size for popular big watches typically ranges from 45 millimeters to 51 millimeters in diameter (depending on the material).

Another current watch trend is the crossover approach. For years, multiple watches were needed depending on the occasion. For example, a sports watch was worn with a jogging outfit or less casual situations. A slim and elegant watch was worn for more formal occasions, like into the office. However, today that is not the case. The perfect watch to add to your collection today is one that is versatile and great for multiple occasions.

Embrace the crossover approach with Orient’s Executive Series, which features several remarkable watches perfect to add to your collection, like the CDH00001B and the CEV09002B. This collection of watches uses the latest technology, but is designed with classic styling, thereby making it appropriate for all kinds of occasions.


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