Watch Care: Water

September 15th, 2011 | 1 Comment

Most Orient watches are water resistant up to at least 30m, with the Diver line being resistant up to 200m.  Many water-resistant watches can be worn swimming, showering and even diving. However, if you and your watch are together in the water often,  you need to take extra special care of it since it’s being exposed to harsher conditions than normal. When submerging your watch in water, make sure the crown is screwed or pushed in all the way, as water can leak in around the crown. Always rinse your watch off if you’ve been in salty or chlorinated waters and of course dry it off immediately after. If you happen to notice fogging under the face, take it to get fixed.  Chances are, water has already leaked inside.  To help prevent leaking, get gaskets replaced during regular maintenance since chlorine, perfume and other chemicals can damages gaskets and sealants.

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  2. By Adrian Nanu on Jan 19, 2012

    I own a Orient Black Mako Diver watch and I love it. I was wearing it all the time, although i own 7 other watches ( Seiko, Swiss Army, Citizen Eco-Drive ).
    But last summer I took the Orient with me to Cuba for 2 weeks. I always had it on my wrist, in the
    ocean, swimming pool, on the beach. And although the watch itself had no problem handling all of this and staying accurate, I have lost the black cover ( with the markings ) from the top of the rotating bezel. I was very surprised, this being a diver’s watch ! It looks ugly without that !
    Now, it sits in its winding machine, until I hopefully find somewhere and somebody to fix it.

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