Watch Care: Watch Winder

October 10th, 2011 | No Comments

Orient Watch - Watch Winder

If you are a collector of watches, or simply own more than one automatic watch, investing in a good watch winder might be right for you.

If you own multiple automatic watches, you may have difficulties keeping them all wound, especially if you leave them setting for any period of time.  This can become an inconvenience if you have to constantly reset them.

So how does an automatic watch wind?  The natural movement of the wearer’s arm automatically winds the watch, making it unnecessary to manually wind the watch.

It seems like a simple concept, right?  Just strap that watch around your cat’s neck and let it run around for awhile to keep it wound?

Well, aside from the fact the you would risk scratching your watch or enraging animals’ rights activists, an automatic watch shouldn’t be “over wound.”  That means it’s important to replicate the random movement of your wrist.

Automatic watch winders have been designed to do just that.  Just place your watch in the watch winder and it will rotate your watch throughout the day per its program.

What a simple, yet ingenious, invention to keep all of your automatic watches ready to go.

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