Watch Care: Crown Down

September 8th, 2011 | 1 Comment

Your watch is like any other treasured piece of jewelry that you own. You want it to shine, impress, and of course have a long life span. There are many methods of keeping your watch in the best shape possible. But in this post we will cover basic storage for an everyday wear watch.

When the day comes to an end, where do you place your watch? I hope not upside down on the face atop a surface like granite. A case is the best place to store your watch.  But, if you don’t have or use a case to put your watch in, we recommend the “crown down” method. Set the watch so that only the crown makes contact with the surface of your nightstand, drawer, or wherever you may keep it. You can even lay it down on cloth or fur on the nightstand for extra security.  A common mistake I see is leaving a watch in a box or bag with other jewelry.  This is a bad practice, as movement can cause scratching on the watch.

For long-term storage, avoid damp or hot environments.  A room with a constant cool temperature and humidity is best.  Also, store your watch out of direct sunlight.

Check back next week for more tips on watch care.

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  2. By Kristen Benson on Sep 9, 2011

    these are really nice watches. thank you so much!!

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