Vintage Gold – The new Orient Bambino in Gold Tone

October 3rd, 2013 | 2 Comments

Now available! Check it out here:

Can a vintage-looking watch get any more vintage-y? The gold actually really works without being gaudy. Here are some pics. Judge for yourself!

FER24009W0 Bambino.Still009

The specs are all the same, minus the Roman numerals, chapter ring and crown!


The look.



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  2. By Paul Hai on Oct 3, 2013

    The Gold colour looks excellent but something is lacking that could make a firm retro statement. How about replacing those dagger hands with filigee hands as was done with the Soviet Russian Volna during the 1950s. Furthermore paint the hands deep gloss red and have a metallic deep electric blue counterweighted sweep seconds hand. Now try this with a champagne coloured dial. Be colourful, be unique, rock the boat and make a splash.

  3. By CHawk on Oct 10, 2013

    I don’t own a dress watch, but if I did this would be the one. This is truly a classic and classy watch. Much has been added to the over all details. I do think the gold with a cream face looks great. I would add a black turning knob. Also add a sapphire crystal so the no scratches. Possibly a see through case on the back. But overall this is a winner!!!!!!!!

2 comments | Tell us what you think!