Turbocharged: the Orient CVZ02002W

June 25th, 2011 Posted in Orient Watch Reviews | 2 Comments

When you’re looking for a watch, you’re not just looking for a simple time-teller. You want a well designed, multi-function timepiece that can be used anywhere, and these details perfectly describe the CVZ02002W. With an ultra-sporty design and multiple functions, this watch is turbocharged to serve all of your needs.

See how the CVZ02002W is ready to be worn:

Morning Wake Up

The CVZ02002W is prepared and ready to fit your sporty needs from dusk ‘til dawn, starting with a morning wake up call.

The CVZ02002W features a built in alarm that ensures you don’t miss a thing. If you find yourself disoriented after your alarm and unsure of the day, the CVZ02002W provides a quick fix. Check out the built-in calender for a reminder.

Want to time your commute to work? The CVZ02002W has that covered, too. Simply use the stopwatch function to time your route.

Daily Travelling

Maybe your job entails frequent travelling, or perhaps you’re simply on vacation. Either way, it’s important to know your current time as well as the time at home. The CVZ02002W is ready to help you out.

The CVZ02002W features dual time. Dual time allows you to set two different times—one in your current time zone and another in your home time zone or elsewhere. This not only helps you quickly adjust to new times, but will help you remember your home time for easily coordinated communication with family, friends, and employees.

Nightly Outings

While you may want to show off your watch when going out at night, it’s hard to make a statement when covered in darkness. Don’t worry, though. The CVZ02002W is ready for any situation.

Luminescent hands guide CVZ02002W wearers through any situation. These hands illuminate the time even in the pitch black night and allow wearers to show off their watch in the dark.

The CVZ02002W has the capabilities to take you from morning ‘til night. Turbocharge your engine with the CVZ02002W today.

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  2. By James Baker on Jul 24, 2011

    I love your watches I really like CVZ02002W it completely fits my style. Great watches fantastic prices.

  3. By EdPicard on Aug 18, 2011

    It would be nice if you would put the prices on the watches so we would know

    I check the forum just about every day Thanks

2 comments | Tell us what you think!