Top 5 Reasons People Love the Mako XL

May 30th, 2012 Posted in Orient Watch Reviews | 4 Comments

Orient’s CEM7500 Mako XL watches are not only some of Orient’s bestselling divers, they are also some of Orient’s bestselling watches overall.

But why? Check out these 5 reasons people love the Mako XL.

1. Movement

Like so many of Orient’s mechanical watches, people love the Mako XL watches for their in-house, automatic, self-winding movement. These watches feature Orient Caliber 46943 movement with 40-hour power reserve function.

2. Price

Orient’s price to quality ratio adds lots of appeal to the great styling of their watches. The Mako XL series is no different. Quality meets a fair price at just $290.

3. Size

As any solid diver should be, the Mako XL watches are big, which is a big reason why people love them. Boasting a 44.5mm diameter case with 13.3mm thickness, the Mako XL watches are big but sit comfortably on most wrist sizes.

4. Style

People don’t just love diver watches because of their water resistance and functionality. People love them because they look cool and have great style. Orient’s Mako XL watches look great and are available in 6 unique styles, offering something for everyone.

5. Quality

People love the Mako XLs for their quality parts. In addition to the watch movement, the Mako XL watches feature a solid, stainless steel case and band, mineral crystal covering the dial, and 200m water resistance, which allows the wearer to scuba dive, swim, and play other water sports safely.

Do you love the Orient Mako XL? Tell us why below!

  1. 4 Comments | Tell us what you think!

  2. By Mark on Jun 2, 2012

    Here in NZ we don’t have a distributor for Orient watches… which is a shame… because I’ve just recently found out about them and they have so much appeal. Looking forward to receiving my first Orient watch in a few days.

  3. By Rob G. on Jun 17, 2012

    They make a pretty good self defense weapon too!

    Looking forward to finding an XL on sale and putting some mesh on it. Love that look.


  4. By MOHD NAZRI MD AKIM on Jun 26, 2012

    I have experience Orient Mako II myself, and for me…nothing come close to it
    a) How many watch maker in this world could boast that they used their very own in house movement ? The answer is…not many…and those who did normally would charge obscene amount of money for it…no Orient
    b)The movement is reasonably accurate, and from my experience it last more than 40 hours….
    c) The movement is efficient, slight movement of rotor will keep this watch awake….
    d) Easy to set – a must for automatic watch especially when you have a few in your collections and cant wear all at the same time
    d) I love the design of the dials…It is classy
    e) Overall appearance is just right. not too big yet not too small
    f) I love the bracelet, it is damn comfortable…
    again the price is killer…..nothing come close to it…perhaps this worth much more than a rolex? not a direct comparison but dollar to dollar….minus the brand value….it worth much more

  5. By Biren on Nov 30, 2013

    Proud owner of several Orient automatic watches dive style. Added a Mako Blue XL in collection as well and just one word when i opened the box “WOW”. The watch is beautiful and the dashing blue dial is eye catching, i get compliments everywhere i go. Though the Mako XL is described as a big watch and it is by dimensions, but the way it is designed it fits well on small wrists. My wrist is average size 7″ and fits very well. Over all, i just love the Mako XL, period and if you don’t have one in collection you are missing a great quality and reliable time peace.

4 comments | Tell us what you think!