The Timeless Watch: the CEVAD002D Maverick

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How can the same watch be worn in every season? The Orient CEVAD002D has the details and style to withstand the test of time. Wear it in the fall, winter, spring, or summer to make a casual outfit stand out.

How can you wear your CEVAD002D in any season? Check out these ideas:


Even though the leaves are falling, your watch still keeps its style. How can you make your watch stand out in your fall wardrobe?

When you break out your favorite fall jeans, wear the CEVAD002D. Blue denim makes the blue dial pop, showing off your beautiful timepiece. The leather band of the CEVAD002D brings a more professional look to the denim, making your fall casual-wear classy.


For a day on the slopes, the CEVAD002D is a necessity. Not only does this watch stand out next to crisp white snow, but the magnified day and date function helps you keep track of the days during a long winter break. The large dial gives you the ability to quickly read the time—perfect for a gadabout on the go.


When spring flowers start blooming, a feeling of new life fills the air. The CEVAD002D brings a new twist to the classic watch, perfect for springtime fashion.

As opposed to the traditional round dial, the CEVAD002D sports a square dial—a necessity in any collection. This adds an interesting touch to the watch, making onlookers stop and stare. Wear this watch with a pair of khakis for a clean and crisp spring look.


Do you picture the wind in your hair, the sea at your back, and your hands at the helm? If you are a sailor, the CEVAD002D is for you.

Not only will this blue watch constantly remind you of your time at sea, but the clean-cut design of the watch is reminiscent of a brand new boat. The stainless steel bezel sparkles in the sun just like the sails, and the large, clear numbers provide the perfect accent to nautical apparel. No matter if you’re at sea or in port, the CEVAD002D is the perfect complement to a seaside escape.

It’s the time of the season to grab your CEVAD002D.

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