Is the Watch being Replaced

September 6th, 2011 | 1 Comment

There’s a current trend in our culture that you may have noticed: people constantly checking their phone.  This action can come across as annoying and downright disrespectful in a social setting.  Are you boring them?  Are they waiting for a text from someone more important?  Or are they checking the time?

In light of this trend, it may seem that with all of today’s technology, some might consider the watch useless. We have cell phones, laptops, and tablets all very capable of giving us the time.

However, even with a phone in one hand, the watch should still remain on the other. The cellphone, or any other contraption for that matter, could never match up to its subtle, yet distinguished appearance. I know this because I’ve mastered the art of casually checking my watch.  Have you ever tried to casually check your phone?  If you’re sitting, you have to lean over to one side to get it out of your pocket.  If you carry it in a bag, you have to dig through the pockets until you find it.  Nothing subtle about that.  Just a quick glance at my wrist gives me all the time information I need for the moment.

The watch is a functional wardrobe piece for people living and working in many different areas of life. They can be a classy or outrageous fashion statement. Absolutely vital for many professions, they adorn the wrists of people of all ages. From running errands to farming to deep sea diving, it is the watch that instantly provides us with the ability to track our most valuable asset: time.

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  2. By Noah Allen on Sep 12, 2011

    Absolutely, 100% agree. I have different watches for different professional environments. With a suit, I prefer a black leather band and a lighter dial. I bartend, so then I prefer the steel band- however, my watch is an Orient Golden Eye with black face. Finally, on casual days, I definitely agree with the classic look of the Charm- good looking watch for 18 holes.

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