The Orient CVFAA002B and Other Eco-friendly Watches

November 13th, 2010 | 1 Comment

Everybody’s going green. Grocery stores, clothing retailers, and restaurants have all found ways to conduct business in a more eco-friendly way.

So when you’re riding your bike from the grocery store with your reusable bags full of organic food, it only makes sense that the watch on your wrist should be environmentally conscious as well, like the Orient CVFAA002B.

Read on to find out how you can go green with your watches.

Light Powered Watches

Light powered watches do exactly as the name says—they receive their power through any light source, like the sun. The technology was popularized by Citizen in the 1990’s with their Eco-Drive series, and many other watch companies have since began offering light powered watches for their eco-friendly customers.

How do they work?

A solar panel, which absorbs light, is located underneath the watch’s crystal, usually under the face or as part of the dial. Solar panels convert light into electrical energy, which powers the watch. Light-powered watches store energy from light in rechargeable cells to power the timepiece in the absence of light.

Sunlight is a renewable, clean, energy source, so solar powered watches never need a new battery.

Why should I get one?

Solar powered watches offer benefits in addition to being environmentally friendly. They’re also convenient, since they never need a battery replacement and require very little maintenance. With the abundance of solar powered watches to choose from, personal style does not need to be sacrificed either.

Also, if you like to vary your watches from day to day, there’s no need to worry about taking the time to recharge a solar powered watch if it’s completely dead. Although all models vary, a typical watch needs only a few minutes of exposure to sunlight for a day’s worth of power. Using indoor lighting takes much longer though.

An Orient Light-powered watch, for example, will run for 4,000 hours after just 6 hours of exposure to the sun.

Where can I get one?

Anywhere. Light powered watches have been around since the 1970’s, but watchmakers across the board recently have been taking an interest in them since the trend of “going green” is becoming so popular. Whereas light powered watches used to be limited to a few brands and styles, there’s a much wider variety of them now.

Take the Orient CVFAA002B for example. This light-powered model has a unique sporty look resembling the racing-inspired Orient CEZA002B or the Orient CFTAB003T. Fully charged, this model will run for about 6 months. Its casual but unique look make it perfect for everyday wear.

The Citizen Eco-Drive collection offers some dressier models—perfect for eco-friendly businessmen and women.

Solar-powered Cascio G-Shocks are an option for more active individuals. In addition to being solar powered, they’re shock resistant and very durable, a good option for those into extreme sports like mountain climbing or white water rafting.

There are so many ways to go green, and buying a light-powered watch is a very simple one.

Would you wear an eco-friendly timepiece, like the CVFAA002B? Tell us why or why not.

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  2. By Alpaslan on Jul 14, 2011

    I will wear one of them soon, CVDAE004B.. After the mechanical ones, that’s gonna be the first light-powered watch I will get and hopefully keep in my collection.. I believe the only alternative to mechanical watches is the solar ones.. As an Orient-lover, I thought I should’ve had a Orient light-powered and ordered the above watch.. Would you mind releasing a review of this model – which I could not find anywhere on the net.. thanks in advance..

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