The Orient CFT00006W: It’s Complicated

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A little complication can be a good thing, at least when it comes to wristwatches like the Orient CFT00006W.

In watch terms, a complication is any feature that a watch has beyond its normal timekeeping features. Watches with complications have a more complex and sophisticated appearance, and are often a major factor when it comes to deciding which watch to purchase.

While complications add convenience to watches, they’re also more difficult to manufacture, so they’re often viewed as an added value to a watch. The CFT00006W, for example, has a number of complications, including a slide rule calculator bezel, skeleton face and caseback, and power reserve indicator.

Keep reading for a list of some popular complications and what exactly they do:

  • Chronograph
  • Skeleton Movement
  • Day/Date Displays
  • Time Zone Display
  • Moon Phase

A chronograph adds a stopwatch function. Hands can be stopped and restarted to measure elapsed time without interfering with the continuous time that a watch normally keeps.

Chronographs are typically featured on sporty models, like the Orient CTT00002D.

Skeleton Movement
A skeleton feature is a complication that allows you to see the inner-workings of the watch by leaving the movement exposed. Watches can have a skeleton feature on the dial or on its caseback. The Orient CFT00006W has both.

A watch face or caseback can be a full skeleton, or it can be semi-skeleton and leave only a portion of the movement exposed.

Day/Date Displays
All watches tell you the time, but sometimes that’s not enough. Day and date displays, as the name indicates, tell you the day of the week and date in addition to the time. These are popular complications on a watch because of their convenience.

There are different ways watches can give you the day or date. Part of Orient’s Multi-Eyes collection, the CET06001W has a date indicator at the 6 o’clock position and a day subdial at the 3 o’clock position.

Time Zone Display
A convenient feature on many dress watches, a time zone display gives you the time in two or more different time zones. As with most complications, there are different ways to do this, but most time zone displays are part of a watch’s bezel.

Time zone displays, like that on the Orient CDH00001B, are popular among businesspeople who travel frequently between time zones and don’t want to reset their watches each time they do so.

Moon Phase
As the name suggests, some watches have a lunar calendar feature, telling you what the moon phase is for the day.

In many luxury models, this feature is desirable for aesthetic reasons. A picture of a moon or a night sky adds an element of style to some watch models, like the Cartier Tortue XL Day and Night.

While some people like watches that pack in as many complications as possible, others prefer the simple, less cluttered look of one or two complications.

Are you simple or complicated? Comment below.

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