The Orient CEZ05001B for Dummies

October 20th, 2010 | 2 Comments

You like technology, and you like watches. But you wouldn’t necessarily dub yourself a connoisseur in either area.

It doesn’t take an expert to see that the Orient CEZ05001B is a unique and stylish watch. The features on the watch face resemble the gauges and indicators on the dash of a car. While you may be familiar with your car’s features, if you’re a first time buyer, all the features on the CEZ05001B may be a little confusing.

Here is a breakdown of the following features:

  • Power reserve indicator
  • Date indicator
  • Second hand
  • Semi-skeleton caseback
  • Sapphire crystal

Power reserve indicator

On this model, the power reserve indicator is located in the center of the face, near the 12 o’clock mark. Designed to resemble the fuel gauge on your car, this feature measures the amount of power your watch has left.

Date indicator

You might think that the dial on the left of the face (near the 9 o’clock mark) is a speedometer, but it’s actually the watch’s unique date indicator. Most watches have one, so you probably know that its function is to let you know what the date is. This one just does it a little differently.

Second hand

Typically, watches have an hour, minute, and a second hand. Instead of working alongside the hour and minute hands, this model’s second hand is contained in its own dial on the bottom of the face near the 6 o’clock mark. This is a very unique feature to this model.

Semi-skeleton caseback

If you’re still not an expert on how a watch works, there’s no better way to learn than to actually see the inner workings of it. The caseback’s semi-skeleton feature lets you do just that. It leaves some of the watch parts exposed so you can see them in action.

Sapphire crystal

The crystal is the covering over the watch’s dial, which is typically made out of either acrylic, mineral, or sapphire. A sapphire crystal is the most durable of these and the least likely to get scratched or scuffed.

This watch collection comes in 3 different color options, all equally eye-catching. In addition to the CEZ05001B model with bright yellow accents, Orient offers the CEZ05002B and the CEZ05003B, both of which have red features.

Regardless of what color you opt for, this watch is sure to catch some attention. Now that you’re an expert, you can explain each feature to everyone who admires it.

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  2. By Beans Baxter on Oct 21, 2010

    I’m waiting on my first Orient watch (a blue Mako) that is arriving tomorrow and already I’m dreaming about what my next one will be. This one is certainly worth some consideration.

  3. By Tim Moran on Apr 26, 2011

    Just got this one. Its stunning in person. I really love how it is racing inspired without being tacky. Its perfect. Easily the comfortable watch Ive ever owned. Its a keeper for sure.

2 comments | Tell us what you think!