The Look of Success – The Men’s Executive Watch

August 28th, 2011 | 13 Comments

Buddy Kane, the King of Real Estate in American Beauty said, “Call me crazy, but it is my philosophy that in order to be successful, one must project an image of success, at all times.” I don’t know what kind of watch he wore but I’ll bet a man like Buddy wouldn’t be caught dead with some knock off from the local bargain bin. The economy may be in the toilet but that doesn’t mean you can’t look like you and your company are successful. With one of these executive watches you can look as successful as Buddy… right up until he got caught making out with another man’s wife. Not cool, Buddy.

Orient Watch’s World Time Automatic ($356 on

The Toyota of watches. This watch has a multitude of dials and features yet remains easily readable. The only automatic watch in this review, meaning slightly less accuracy but much more in terms of aesthetic and craftsmanship, it can keep time for 40 hours without movement. Your natural arm movement winds the spring back up. One of the dials on the face is the “Power Reserve” which shows how much longer the spring has before your ticker stops tocking. It’s most impressive feature is the one from where it gets its name: the World Time bezel. Depending on your time zone, the wearer rotates the bezel to sync the city names with the proper time in their respective time zones. Now when you need to call your client in Dubai, you’ll know if you’re interrupting dinner.

Trump Men’s Quartz Watch ($81 on

Prices on the Trump “Executive Dress Collection” range from $20 to $81 and the reviews vary just as much. One complains, “I ordered 2 watches. Neither keep the correct time. One of the gold “minute lines” on the watch face fell off within 3 weeks,” while others rate others from the collection 5 out of 5 and say, “This is a beautiful watch. The moment I opened it I was pleasantly surprized (sic) at its great looks and easy-to-read dial. It’s comfortable to wear, too.” Having been to New York City for more than five seconds, I’m suspicious of expensive looking watches being this low in price.

Eric Edelhausen “Executive” ($192 on

One of Amazon’s best sellers, the Executive from Eric Edelhausen is a beaut. 18K gold plated stainless steel surrounding a white textured face with gold plated numbers definitely attract the eyes. Increased functionality comes from the three subdials with a 30 minute counter at 10:00, 60 second eye at 2:00, and day of the week at 6:00. The only customer review on Amazon was a very positive one, saying, “This is an outstanding timepiece, a terrific value. A beautiful watch with the look and weight of a much more expensive timepiece.”

Smith & Wesson Executive Watch (Buffalo Gap Outfitters)

A brand mostly known for firearms, Smith & Wesson offers an arrangement of accessories for its online shoppers. This quartz movement timepiece boasts 25 years of consistent glow in the dark. This watch also appeals to the diver with a rotating bezel and water resistance to 200 meters. Online reviews are mixed with one complaining of constantly having to replace parts but the other two offer high praise for the bright glow. This watch is just what you need for those long weekends in the deer stand.

Unlike diver watches, there are no standards to meet to call a watch “executive” so they end up coming in several flavors. Any one of these watches will get you at least a glance. You’re a hustler. You get the job done. Look the part.


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    Hi, interesting post. I have been pondering this issue,so thanks for writing. I’ll definitely be subscribing to your site.

  3. By RobG on Jul 26, 2009

    The trump watch is just awful…and doesn’t really support his image of “over-the-top”. It’s cheap, like his hairpiece. That’s the one I “get” the least.

  4. By Keith on Nov 7, 2009

    This watch is a classic no doubt.

  5. By rochelle varela on Nov 7, 2009

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  6. By Rish on Nov 8, 2009

    Exquisite watches here!! After “winning” a watch and seeing how good it is I will definently buy more and show off and refer my friends to here!!

  7. By christine White on Nov 8, 2009

    awesome site that i just discovered just in time for xmas!

  8. By Sam Saliba on Nov 8, 2009

    I’ve been a watch collector for 20 yrs now and what impresses me the most about Orient Watches is their accuracy and In-house ability to manufactur their own movements. An equivalent Swiss made watch will cost in $1000′s. As an outdoors Photographer, I prefer wearing one of my Orient watches, since it’s very accurate, rugged and will not cost me an arm and a leg to replace it incase I get into a rough situation. I’m proud to say that Orient Rocks!

  9. By Danish Lakhani on Nov 8, 2009

    Trump Men’s Quartz Watch is one of the finest watch that I have seen, that looks simple but still catches the eye. I would like to get my hands on one of those.

    Danish Lakhani

  10. By SANDRA HILL on Nov 8, 2009

    extra-ordinarilly fashionable to suit any lifestyle hasa very defined fshion statement

  11. By JAE on Nov 9, 2009

    By the way… Where is my keychain?

  12. By Jon Rockoford on Nov 9, 2009

    How do you buy this? No buy link…

  13. By Danish Lakhani on Nov 14, 2009

    any ideas where i could find orient watches in canada. i have been looking around but have not had any luck.

  14. By Alan J Wachs on Feb 26, 2012

    Have the Orient World Time….Never had to adjust the “minute” hand. When able, would like to purchase the Orient 300 mtr. dive watch….Looking forward to Orient adding “Hacking” and more “safire”,finished watches.Great company,. dedicated professionals and outstanding “in house” movement, accurate timepieces.

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