Style: Semi-Skeletons

July 11th, 2012 Posted in Orient Watch Reviews | 4 Comments

Why do people love watches with a semi-skeleton feature? Well, semi-skeletons add interest and depth to an otherwise ordinary watch face, for one.

People also love semi-skeletons because they show off a watch’s intricate movement and well-built interior. Semi-skeletons also offer just enough detail to not detract completely from a watch face, maintaining readability and a classic look.

In other words, semi-skeleton features add just the right amount of detail. Orient has several semi-skeleton watches to choose from. Here’s one to admire, but be sure to check them all out at Orient Watch USA!

The Orient Esteem offers a clean, crisp watch face set on stainless steel and a genuine leather band. As described above, the semi-skeleton adds just the right amount of interest and detail to this otherwise classic watch. Don’t you think? Leave a comment and let us know!

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  2. By Robert on Jul 12, 2012

    Simple, elegant, and trendy – I like it. If they had rose gold, I’d buy it in a second. I know that it’s fun to have the date, but I really like the lack of clutter this watch offers. What an excellent timepiece.

  3. By wrist watch news on Jul 16, 2012

    its style is very simple, and generous, especially the table it is in black and white two colors for the main tone, the feeling is very formal, very fashionable, so like this watch .

  4. By My Invicta Watches on Sep 16, 2012

    I’ve always loved the skeleton back watches, but since you never really see the back it doesn’t make sense from a style perspective – still I love ‘em. :) The skeleton front can add a nice touch of style if it is incorporated into the design and functionality well enough.

  5. By watch reviews on Dec 15, 2012

    nice! nice!

4 comments | Tell us what you think!