Review of Orient MODEL CFA05001B Automatic Watch

September 28th, 2009 Posted in Orient Watch Reviews | 8 Comments

Dear Mark:

Thank you for your response to my e-mail. I am extremely impressed that the Chief Marketing Officer of a company would take the time to respond to my inquiry. Although, I really liked model WZ0081FA and was very disappointed when you indicated the watch was not available in the USA for purchase, I did purchase CFA05001B based upon your recommendation.


I can honestly say my decision to buy the watch wasn’t based solely upon the design of the watch. The fact that you personally responded to my inquiry was indeed significant. Thank you for your assistance.

Best regards,
Ray Lee

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  2. By Frank In Miami on Oct 1, 2009

    I have this same exact watch. It is absolutely fantastic. Watch for my upcoming video review of the CFA050001B at Look under reviews in the Citizen, Seiko and Orient forum.

  3. By Frank In Miami on Oct 1, 2009

    Also I’ll be have to provide Mark Kim with nicer photographs of my CFA05001B on my wrist.

  4. By Frank In Miami on Oct 9, 2009

    I have prepared a YouTube video review of my Orient World Timer CFA05001B. Find the video on the link below:

  5. By Eric on Oct 13, 2009

    I hadn’t heard of Orient Watch until today. These are gorgeous watches! Would be nice to win one, for sure!

  6. By Danny Budiarta on Feb 25, 2010

    I’ve been working as export manager for the past 8 years. It’s always be in my wish list to have a world timer watch that is very functional, easy to read, elegant look but of course at the affordable price.
    It’s become more and more needed as now my area of responsibility cover for almost all part of the world and travel a lot. For many times, I need to communicate with customers from different part of the world. Imagine, you’re now in Brazil, the same day you need to be in touch with your company in Indonesia, and have a schedule to phone customer in Portugal and South Africa. So I need to track more than 3 local times at the same time. I’m definitely need a watch which can tell time in multiple countries at the same time with easy and fast way to read.
    Here where my search start finding Philippe Cottier, who is the master watch genius that create the super genius world timer. Among all those extremely expensive brands like Patek Philippe, Jaeger Le Coutre, Girard, and Longines,I was very exciting to found that Orient world timer, which work with the similar mechanism as those luxurious watches, offered at very affordable price !
    My last selection among all Orient world timer is CFA05001B or CFA02003W.
    Soon, one of the two model will be on my wrist !!! Bravo Orient world timer !

  7. By Danny Budiarta on Feb 26, 2010

    Correction to the name of super genius world time watch maker should be Louis Cottier.

  8. By Maram on Jan 2, 2011

    i bought the exact watch for my friend it such a fantastic watch and sooooo elegant

  9. By tommy stroud on Jan 5, 2012

    Please help : The Orient stainless steel, self winding watch I received for my 21st birthday in 1979 has been stolen. This is of great sentimental value and has really stood the test of time. How does one replace such a great timepiece with an equivalent watch today? Impossible, I think.

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