Reluming 101 with the Orient LUG15001B

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Even with a watch as reliable as the Orient LUG15001B, regular maintenance and repairs are sometimes necessary to keep this watch performing to its best ability.

With all the tutorials and tools available, you never have to take your watch to a professional for maintenance if you don’t want to. Everything, from simply resizing a watch band to replacing a movement, can be done by yourself.

Sporty Orient watches, like the LUG15001B or the LUG15002B, are known for their excellent lume that allow for easy readability in any light. However, any watch’s lume is going to fade with age and reluming a watch may be necessary, especially if you’re a diver and you rely heavily on your watch’s lume to read underwater.

Reluming a watch is an advanced technique that requires you to take your watch apart, and to know exactly how to do that will depend on the specific model.

Once the watch is taken apart, reluming involves mixing a pigment with a binder, creating a thick paste, and then carefully and evenly applying the paste to part of the watch that you want relumed. This could be the bezel, the hands, or the hour markers on the dial.

If you aren’t comfortable doing it yourself, taking it to a professional is the best option. As one member on the popular WatchUSeek forum put it, “Only attempt to fix what you can afford to break.”

On the other hand, the best way to learn watch maintenance is by doing it yourself. If you’re doing a relume project on an old watch, or if you just want a different color lume on a newer watch, read for information and helpful tips on the best products available.

Best Product for Reluming

NoctiLumina offers luminizing kits that make the process of reluming easier. You can choose from 3 different kit sizes, as well as pigments, like the waterproof green Pigment G15F-W, which resembles the lume color of the popular Orient Mako CEM65001M, or the Pigment B17UF-W, which produces a unique aqua glow.

Helpful tips:

  • Keep all of the luminous features on your watch the same color. A blue lumed bezel with a green lumed dial, for example, is distracting and can actually hinder the watch’s readability, rather than improve it.
  • You can mix lume by putting the pigment and binder on a plastic spoon and mixing it with a toothpick.
  • Do everything carefully under a magnifying glass. The paste needs to be applied evenly so that all the parts are equally luminous.
  • Use a topcoat over the lume to protect it from dirt and other harmful elements. This will ensure that the lume will last as long as possible.
  • If you make a mistake, emove lume with acetone if other paints already on the watch are compatible.
  • If it’s your first time reluming a watch, practice first with an older watch rather than your new LUG15001B until you perfect the technique of careful and even application.

Comment below and share some of your helpful tips for reluming a watch.

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