Refinishing Stainless Steel Bands on a Watch like the Orient CEV09001B

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Some watches, like the Orient CEV09001B, are made to last. This model is water resistant up to 50 meters and has a sturdy mineral crystal protecting the watch face.

But no matter how durable a watch is, everyday wear will inevitably lead to a few scratches on a stainless steel watch band.

Think of it this way. If you buy a fancy sports car, it’s going to get dirty when you drive it. But you don’t go out and buy a new car every time this happens. You simply clean and polish it until it looks new again.

You can do the same thing with your stainless steel watch parts that have a brushed surface.

Follow these simple guidelines when your band is looking a little weathered:

The Dos and Don’t of Refinishing your Watch Band


  • Remove the band from the rest of the watch first.
  • Clean the band with warm water and dish soap before you begin refinishing it.
  • Use Scotch Brite pads. They’re the best product for restoring brushed stainless steel to its original quality.
  • Move the Scotch Brite pads in one direction across the band until you’re satisfied with the finish and the scratches are removed. If it’s easier, you can also lay the pad down on a flat surface and move the watch band over it. Make sure to always go with the grain of the steel.


  • Replace the band if you don’t need to. Refinishing doesn’t take long and will make your watch look new, even if it’s not.
  • Use steel wool. Scotch Brite pads will work better to remove scratches.
  • Move the Scotch Brite pad in a circular motion or back and forth. This will create swirl marks.
  • Take it to a professional unless the scratches are too deep to fix yourself.

Knowing how to refinish a brushed stainless steel band is important for a few reasons.

When it comes to dress watches like the Orient CEV09001B that you’ll most likely be wearing at the office, you’ll want it to look polished. You wouldn’t wear dress shoes with scuffs on them to an important function, and you don’t want your watch band to be scratched either.

Sporty watches are the most likely to experience some slight damages, no matter how durable they are, so it’s especially important to remove any scratches they acquire on a more regular basis.

If you’re deep saturation diving with your Orient CFD0C001M or rock climbing with your Orient CTD09004B, it’s likely they’re going to experience more wear and tear than your everyday office watch like the CEV09001B.

The most important reason why refinishing a watch band is a great skill to have?

With all the money you save by refinishing your bands yourself rather than buying new ones or taking them to a professional, you can buy yourself a new Orient watch!

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