Orient Watch USA’s 2013 Holiday Gift Guide – Under $500

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We all know how tough it is to find someone that perfect gift for the holidays. It’s even tougher when you’re on a set budget, as most of us are. To ease your holiday shopping woes, the editors at Orient Watch USA came together to create a holiday gift guide at certain price points. Don’t forget to use the code ‘winter2013’ at check out to save 30% off your order, get free shipping and get a free watch!

Here are our staff picks for watches under $500. Please note that the watches were determined after taking 30% off at check out with code ‘winter2013’!

1. The Orient Ray Raven CEM65007B is a blacked out version of this diver and we have to admit it looks handsome in black. It’s got an IP black case and bracelet accompanied with a matte black dial and sleek black bezel. The hour markers and bezel markers are all in high contrast white.
Pictured model (FEM65007B) priced at $395, but less 30% comes to $275.
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2. We spoke yesterday about the awesomeness of the Orient Ray. They were out of stock for a while and we just got them back in time for the holidays. The black and blue Orient Ray are the more desired colors and we’re happy to have the stainless steel bracelet versions in stock!
Pictured model (FEM65009D) priced at $395, but less 30% comes to $275.
More Information: http://orientwatchusa.com/collections/mens-watches/diver/em65009d

_DSC8385The Planet Orient, Flight and Speedster
1. Orient has got you covered if you’re looking for a sport watch. The Planet Orient is a fantastic place to start. It’s got Orient’s signature power reserve function and date. The big Arabic numbers and orange accents complete the sporty look. The bracelet is also something that shouldn’t be overlooked: it’s constructed by a tasteful mix of polished and brushed stainless steel.
Pictured model (CFM00001B) priced at $455, but less 30% comes to $318.
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2. Aside from diver watches, pilot watches have gained a bit more notoriety over the years. Known for their large, easy to read dials, pilot watches have emerged as a highly sought after design. The Orient Flight is Orient’s take on the classic, and is available in many great dial colors (black, green, cream, and blue). The large minutes display and inner ring hour display make telling time an absolute cinch. It’s 100m water resistance and screwed-down crown give it the versatility to creep into diver territory. It’s a whole lot of watch, for not a lot of money!
Pictured model (FER2A002F) priced at $310, but less 30% comes to $217.
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3. Released in early 2013, the Orient Speedster took the aficionados by surprise: there really were not very many white sport watches on the market (the only one that comes to our mind is the Rolex Explorer II). The Speedster was an overnight success. The large 46mm case is packed with useful complications: day, date, and a 24 hour dial. The Speedster also has an exhibition case back as an added bonus. It’s also available in black!
Pictured model (FET0M001W) priced at $345, but less 30% comes to $241.
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1. If the recipient is into adventure, we’d look no further than our M-Force series. They’re ISO certified (three certifications in water resistance, anti-magnetism and shock resistance) and engineered to take a beating. With power reserve, a 120-click bezel, hand-winding and hacking capabilities and strong luminescence, the M-Force Air Diver is more than ready to help you weather the storm. They come equipped with a poly urethane strap that’s both soft and comfortable and won’t break the bank. It’s available in matte black or stark yellow.
Pictured models (SEL03004B and SEL03005Y) priced at $560, but less 30% comes to $392.
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The Orient Dignitary, Curator, and Esteem
1. Dress watches shouldn’t HAVE to be expensive. The Orient Dignitary is a great example. The white satin sun burst dial with elegant blue hands will help you look like a million bucks. And who doesn’t love a square case?
Pictured model (FETAF004W) priced at $325, but less 30% comes to $228.
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2. One of our favorite releases this year was the Orient Curator, which presents itself as an affordable dress watch with highly impressive specs. Not only does it have power reserve and date, but it has a tough sapphire crystal. Each Curator model comes with a matte, alligator stamped strap.
Pictured model (FFD0J003B) priced at $415, but less 30% comes to $290.
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3. We challenge you to find a brand that has a more diverse line of open heart dial watches than Orient. We were equally surprised when we found that there weren’t very many on the market. We pride ourselves on our in house made mechanical movements and love showing it off. The Orient Esteem line does just that in dress watch form.
Pictured model (FDB08005W) priced at $280, but less 30% comes to $196.
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The Orient Vintage and Orient Star Classic
1. As mentioned earlier dress watches don’t have to break the bank. The Orient Vintage is a testament to that. The dial features an exquisite guilloche finish along with power reserve, date and a sapphire crystal cover. The case and bracelet match in terms of brushed and polished metals. On the back you’ll find an exhibition case back with a fully decorated movement. The Vintage is a fully luxurious watch that should not disappoint.
Pictured models (FFD0F001W and FFD0F001B) are priced at $505, but less 30% comes to $354.
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2. If you’re unfamiliar with Orient Star, it’s Orient’s top of the line brand of watches that showcases their high end caliber. The Orient Star Classic was one of the releases for 2013 and was highly, highly anticipated. It features a domed crystal, power reserve and antique crown. The in house movement is automatic, hand-winding and hacking (seconds halt mechanism). The exhibition case back is finely dressed with the Orient Star signature oscillating weight.
Pictured model (SEL05004W) priced at $640, but less 30% comes to $448.
More information: http://orientwatchusa.com/collections/mens-watches/orient-star/el05004w

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