Orient Superstars: CEY04003W and the Black Mako

February 9th, 2011 | 2 Comments

Let’s play a game of association. When you think of Ford, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? It’s probably the Mustang.

Likewise, when someone mentions Orient, it’s likely that the words “Mako” or “Worldtime” will be the first that come to mind.

Every brand, whether it’s a car or watch company like Orient, has a few superstars—models that stand out among the rest and often become synonymous with the brand itself.

So why the Orient Worldtime CEY04003W and the Mako CEM65001B? This article will take a closer look at these 2 popular models and explain why they’re so highly regarded among watch lovers everywhere.

Orient Worldtime CEY04003W

Category: Executive

A dress watch is arguably the most important style of watch. A nice dress watch will complete a professional look, a look that might be part of the reason why you get an important job or land a sought-after client.

People are picky when it comes to selecting the perfect dress watch, and rightfully so. It should be sleek, professional, and functional while not being too busy. It should be able to draw just the right amount of attention.

The Orient Worldtime CEY04003W does all of that and more, which is why it’s such a popular choice for globe-trotting businesspeople. It has a unique Worldtime function, so you can tell the time in different time zones, a very convenient feature for frequent travelers.

Notable Features

Excellent Lume: Customer reviews constantly praise the lume of this model. Why is this so important? A dress watch should be reliable all the time and able to function no matter where you are. A good lume gives the Worldtime CEY04003W the ability to do just that.

Sapphire Crystal: A sapphire crystal is a very popular feature for a watch to have, especially a dress watch. You want your overall look to be polished, especially when you’re dressing to impress in the workplace. A scuffed up watch crystal probably isn’t going to send the right message.

Sapphire is the most durable material for a watch crystal, as it is able to withstand most scrapes and scratches. It makes sense to want this feature on your favorite dress watch. A crystal is essentially the protective cover for your watch, and such a beautiful dial should be protected with only the most durable crystal.

Additional Features

  • 40-hour Power Reserve Indicator
  • Skeleton Caseback
  • 100m Water Resistance
  • Stainless Steel Case and Bracelet
  • Fold-over Clasp with Double Push Button Safety

Black Mako CEM65001B

Category: Diver

Diver watches have recently become a very popular category for watches for a few reasons. The perfect diver has a combination of sporty and dressy design features, so you can wear it with your suit and tie or with jeans and a t-shirt.

The perfect diver is able to measure elapsed time (a defining feature of diver watches), and should have excellent lume so you can read it in the dimmest lighting. Most of the time, a really great diver watch with all the right features will put a dent in your wallet.

The Orient Mako is the perfect diver, and it won’t break the bank.

Notable Features:

200m Water Resistance: Whether you actually plan on going diving with your watch, it should be water resistant. So if you want to go scuba diving, or if you just want to shower, the water won’t hinder the Mako CEM6500’s performance in any way.

Readability: When it comes to watches, size really does matter. A diver should be large enough to read without being too bulky on the wrist. The numbers on the dial should be legible without taking over the entire watch face, and the lume should be excellent.

The Mako CEM65001B does all of this perfectly. The white numbers are large and easy to read against a black dial. With a case diameter of 40mm, it’s large enough to fit almost any wrist comfortably, and the numbers, hour markers, and hands on the dial are all conveniently lumed.

Additional Features

  • Stainless Steel Case and Bracelet
  • Screw Caseback
  • Day and Date Indicator
  • Fold-over Clasp with Double Push Button Safety
  • Mineral Crystal

Both the Orient Worldtime and the black Mako continue to enjoy so much popularity among watch lovers for their unique combination of functionality and affordability, but these are just 2 of the many models available at www.orientwatchusa.com.

Which Orient watch is your favorite and why?

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  2. By Ques Gibbs on Mar 5, 2011

    I just purchased a CEM65001B dive watch and I LOVE it. It is just as accurate as my Omega Seamaster and looks much better. I wear it proudly and get many nice comments about it.

    The Omega has been put back in it’s box.

  3. By jaime soto ojeda on Nov 14, 2011

    Reconozco, que existen relojes con historia y tradición. Sin embargo luego de conocer la línea MAKO de ORIENT, he comprendido, que si es posible conjugar la belleza (elegancia), la funcionalidad y la calidad, en un sólo gran producto, que además, por precio no se aleja del gran público amante de los relojes.

    ¡ que gran caballo de batalla tiene Orient ¡

2 comments | Tell us what you think!