Orient Racing Models: The Parts of a Mechanical Watch Never Looked So Good

April 24th, 2012 | 4 Comments

What are the most common types of watches?

    • Diving watches


    • Aviation watches


  • Modern styling

But what is a common thread that most everyone can relate to? Driving a car.

Okay, so we aren’t all racers (well, maybe to ourselves we are), but driving is something that we have all done. I can’t say that I have gone diving or flown an airplane, but I have experienced speed in a four-door sedan.

The great thing about Orient automatic watches is that they capture this spirit in multiple watch concepts drawing attention to the components of the underlying mechanical watch.

racing models

This article will discuss:




Why Racing Models Seem Right

The markers and indicators that are common to automobiles can easily be transferred to watch gauges and themes. The round theme of dashboard controls and engine parts easily translates into the round watch dial and indicators along with exposed automatic watch movements.

This style of watches exhibit numerous crossover ideas and style from the auto industry. The Orient Racing Inspired CET0B001W below demonstrates how much of an automobile resemblance can be drawn from a watch without going overboard.

parts of a mechanical watch

Orient CET0B001W ($205 at OrientWatchUSA.com)

The Possibilities are Endless

Don’t get me wrong; diving watches have character, but there is only so much that can be improved upon with each new model.

Racing watches provide an avenue for almost limitless creativity. Orient racing inspired collection is an example of a diverse selection. One extraordinary example is the limited edition CDB04001D inspired by rally car racing–not too many manufacturers can say that they place emphasis on rally cars.


Orient CDB04001D ($350 at OrientWatchUSA.com)

What’s That Tachy Thing?

The tachymeter, or tacheometer, is a great feature to have on a racing watch. Not all watches have them, but when they do, you should know what they are and how to use it.

Let me first mention that the tachymeter is usually located at the rotating watch bezel (inner or outer) or slide rule. Most likely, a watch tachymeter will reside on a uni-directional watch bezel of a chronometer. A chronometer means that the watch itself has stopwatch capabilities.

On a tachymeter, the second hand or chronometer timing hand is used to determine the speed it takes to reach one point (point B) from a starting point (point A) based on the amount of time it took. Much like the bezel on a diving watch, these can be adjusted to compensate for the position of the second hand.


Orient CFM00002B ($365 at OrientWatchUSA.com)

A review of the Orient CFM00002B can be seen here. The review explains the story behind this watch being nicknamed ‘Planet Orient’.
The engraved tachymeter numbers represent different speeds. The units that are measured are an independent unit of time.

Typically, the most common ways to measure speed are:

    • The time it takes to travel 1 kilometer


    • The time it takes to travel 1 mile


  • Any fraction of these measurements (i.e. 1/10 of a mile) can be determined but the distance must be standardized.

For Example:

(1) You travel 1/10 mile, start to finish, and the second hand now reads 400 on the tachymeter scale (meaning that the trip took about 9 seconds).

(2) 400/10 = 40.

Hence, you were traveling at 40 miles per hour. If you traveled an entire mile in those 9 seconds, then you would have been traveling at 400mph.

Mydigitallife.info goes into further detail on the correct use of a tachymeter.

Parts of a Mechanical Watch Company

Orient provides a diverse selection of racing models that compete with any other brand on quality and ingenuity.

What factors contribute to a magnificent racing line?

    • Orient produces top-of-the-line in house mechanical movements for each watch.


    • Their use of automobile inspiration has not led to a one-track mindset when designing each watch – each is different and appeals to different tastes.


    • The correct balance of design and quality are evident within the racing line.


  • They are taking these concepts to a level that no other company has yet to do.

Orient automatic watches always seem to be ahead of the curve. In this case, they are ahead of the racing curve.

What do you think of racing inspired models? Comment Below.

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  2. By darryl smith on Apr 26, 2012

    automatic watches are clearly the best watches designed and the craftmenship that your watches show tells just that, the design the style goes hand in hand with the price.

  3. By Pauline Linares on Apr 29, 2012

    The Orient watches are well designed, perform beautifully and are a beautiful to look at!
    My husband loves the diving watches and so do I.

  4. By tara loftis on Apr 29, 2012

    very awsome watch!!!!!!

  5. By El Pedro on Apr 29, 2012

    Based on looks, the Mach 7 (CET0B001W) is my favorite. Putting the crown closer to 4 o’clock gives it a very sleek look. I admire that the design work on their less-expensive watches is every bit as well-considered as their higher-end watches. The Bambino, for instance, is not their priciest model, by far, but it’s as refined and elegant as the Mach 7 is bold and sporty.

4 comments | Tell us what you think!