ORIENT CET05001B Automatic Watch

October 12th, 2009 | 20 Comments

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This collection is one of the most stunning classic watches that
Orient has to offer. The CET05001B watch has a very clean and simple design but looks
sophisticated. What I love most about this watch is the 3-tone design on the
surface of the dial (face). The textures of the inner dial, as well as the outer
dial, complement well with the texture of the sub-dials.


MSRP: $160| Today’s price: $112 | Comments

The dial on the CET05001B has many attributes that make this watch into a successful timepiece. Features such as the date indicator (located at the 6 o’clock
position,) the day sub-dial (located near the 2 o’clock position,) and the
24-hour sub-dial makes you value such a work of art.

MSRP: $160| Today’s price: $112 | Comments

If you want to adjust the date, you must first loosen the crown
(time-setting knob) located at the 4 o’clock position. You will notice that
there are 2 levels to the crown. The first level adjusts the date indicator,
while the second level adjusts the time and the date of week. The hour and
minute hands are both luminescent so you may view the time in the dark. When
adjusting the time, you will see that the 24-hour sub-dial corresponds with the
movement of the hour hand.

The crown comes with the engraved Orient logo and shoulders for protection.
This automatic watch runs on the power stored within the spring of the watch. As
the owner wears the watch, the spring naturally stores power. This watch is also
water-resistant for up to 50 meters.


MSRP: $160| Today’s price: $112 | Comments

Bands and clasps are important aspects to a watch as they can provide a
nice feel and should compliment the rest of the watch’s vibrant design. For this
watch, the band is engineered to focus on comfort. The metal band comes with
both matte and finished links. This provides a two-toned shine to the rest of
the watch.

Next to the dial, you will see that the first two links are tapered followed
by untapered links.

MSRP: $160| Today’s price: $112 | Comments

The deployment clasp for this collection adds security so that the
watch does not come off unintentionally.

The case also has the official Orient logo engraved and is made of stainless

MSRP: $160| Today’s price: $112 | Comments

This is the gift box that comes along with this Orient watch, notice the aluminum finish with ORIENT logo engraved in it.

orient gift box

Product Specifications

  • Movement: 21 Jewels Orient Japan Automatic Movement with seperate
    24-hour hand indicator
  • Power Source: Automatic Winding
  • Case: Stainless Steel
  • Window: Dome Glass
  • Bracelet: Stainless Steel Solid
  • Caseback: Stainless Steel Snap Back
  • Water Resistant: 50M
  • Gift Box: Orient Premium Gift Box
  • Case diameter: 38 millimeters
  • Case Thickness: 13 millimeters
  • Band width: 20 millimeters

Product Features

  • Mechanical Watch with Automatic Winding Kinetic Motion Inspired
  • Oscillation Frequency: 21,600 oscillations per hour(6 beats per sec)
  • Shock-proof bearings
  • Continuous Operation Time: more than 40 hours
  • Scratch Resistant Mineral Crystal
  • Day-Date Calendar
  • Unique Dome Glass
  • Design Engineering in Japan


MSRP: $160| Today’s price: $112 | Comments

Shipping and Returns

Everything is shipped from Los Angeles, via UPS Ground. We only ship to the USA. Shipping is free and you can expect to receive your item within 2 – 4 business days. All orders go out the same business day. Everything is returnable/refundable*. No questions asked. We pride ourselves on live support, 24/7.

If you have any questions, just Comments, and we’ll respond LIVE, or email joey@orientwatchusa.com.

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  2. By Stephen Santoro on Aug 22, 2009

    I have this watch and I must say it goes great with just about everything.

    But I gotta ask, who is Mark Kim?

  3. By Todd on Aug 22, 2009

    The silver version of this watch is one of my favorites, I’ve put it on a leather band and it looks great too. As the comment above mentioned, it is a very versatile watch. The pictures don’t do it justice. Throw in the double watch winder and it is a steal!

  4. By Jobee on Aug 22, 2009

    Wow, beautiful watch!

    I also want to know who Mark Kim is. Does he have to sign my winder or can I leave it blank? Also what is “Free single Signed double Watch winder ” listed above? Is it a single or double watch winder.

    Hopefully they change the description to make it more clear.

  5. By jlwoodsy on Aug 22, 2009

    A great looking watch, simple, but with an un-traditional layout. I also like where the Orient logo is on the watch (at the bottom).

  6. By Frank In Miami on Aug 22, 2009

    Mark Kim is the Director of North American sales for Orient Watch USA. He is a fantastic guy in every sense of the world.

  7. By Jobee on Aug 22, 2009

    Thanks Frank, but I’m a nice guy too. Do you want me to sign your watch winder?

  8. By Eric on Aug 22, 2009

    I want you all to sign my watch winder!

  9. By BaiBai on Aug 22, 2009

    I have the white dial with blue hands and silver numbers. Everything about this watch design is just right, down to the micron, and is the epitome of accuracy and precision. Yet it plays with reflected light. It is the most dynamic dial I’ve ever seen that isn’t suffocating with a bunch of precious gems. It’s like having some sort of sculpture made out of light and shadows on your wrist. Not a single photon is wasted.

    It makes checking the time a joy for me.

  10. By RobG on Aug 22, 2009

    Wow…checking out other reviews based on BaiBai’s comments…that’s a helluva testimonial.

  11. By Vladimir on Aug 22, 2009

    Excellent ORIENT watch. Another ORIENT classic.

  12. By Vladimir on Aug 22, 2009

    I wish ORIENT would start offering ORIENT branded watch winder.

  13. By Matthew on Aug 22, 2009

    I really like this watch! I think the bracelet on this one is really sharp!!

  14. By Benjamin on Sep 2, 2009

    How do I know if I am one of the first 10 so I would get the double winder ? The bracelet looks like the PILOT bracelet from Breitling.

  15. By Mr Allain Magri on Oct 12, 2009

    The new “ORIENT Y-KNOT” (why not express yourself)

  16. By Mr Allain Magri on Oct 12, 2009

    The new “ORIENT X-Press” (express yourself)

  17. By shahid on Oct 13, 2009

    i own one of these watches. very elegant design and looks very nice. highly recommended.

  18. By Deco on Oct 13, 2009

    It’s an awesome watch!

    really amazing!

    love it!

    deserves a name like : THE IRON FIST!

  19. By Kyle on Oct 13, 2009

    I can’t believe the quality of this watch, it looks amazing. I would really like to try it on for myself.

  20. By Mr.Duchesne on Oct 21, 2009

    According to their DNA and the way they stands out with their sub dials I would call this Series the ((Orient Express Time traveller ))series.
    I like the 05001b day sub and hands a same version with a leather strap and a sandblast case would be my model.
    Thank you to All at Orient Office.My Uncle passed away few years ago and he had one Orient ,way back in the late 80′s .
    He had this offered by his wife as a wedding presentation gift.That’ how i got to know Orient for the first time I was 32 years old . Therefore the reason for Time traveller Series …..Why!!!! Because My Uncle watch still working and keeping good time after all these years .
    Thank you Hope I am not late to maybe win one of these beautifully made watch.

  21. By Gabriel on Oct 27, 2009

    Did somebody know where can I find solid bracelet for this model ( orginal if is possible)

20 comments | Tell us what you think!