Orient CEM75001B: The New Black Mako?

April 1st, 2010 | 9 Comments

Some people call the CEM75001B Mako’s “big brother.” Others call it the “new Mako” or “Mako II.”

Let’s take a closer look at how the CEM75001B compares with the old black Mako:


What’s different about the Orient CEM75001B?

The CEM75001B and the Mako differ in a lot of important ways, including:

Improved luminous hour markers and hands
Compared to the black Mako, the Orient CEM75001B uses much larger, brighter hour markers as is necessary on a dive watch.

The CEM75001B also uses brighter, more luminous hour and minute hands. The seconds hand is moon-shaped and luminous, so even in total darkness, you should be able to tell whether or not your watch is ticking (another valuable aspect on dive watches).

Larger face and bezel
The CEM75001B has a diameter of 46mm, so it’s much larger than the Mako, which measures 41mm.

Because of its larger face, the CEM75001B also has a larger bezel with bigger, easier to read numerals.


Larger band and sturdier build
Many people believe that the CEM75001B has a sturdier build than the Mako. It comes with a larger, heavy duty band, which will be appealing to those who thought the Mako’s band was a bit too flimsy for a dive watch.

The CEM7500 divers come in fewer colors than the Mako divers. The CEM7500 watches are available in black, blue and orange.

What’s similar about the CEM75001B and the Mako?

Now that we’ve assessed the differences between these 2 watches, let’s see what these mechanical watches have in common.

Both the Orient CEM75001B and the Mako watches have:

  • 100% in-house movement: a feature found only on authentic luxury timepieces
  • Approx. 40-hour Power Reserve: in case you don’t wear your watch everyday, it will continue keeping time
  • 200m water resistance: you can safely swim, snorkel and play water sports
  • Stainless steel case and band: makes for a sturdy and resistant watch
  • Screwed-down crown: prevents water or dirt from getting into the watch
  • Day/date calendar: helps you keep track of more than just the time


What are people saying about Orient’s watches?

100% Japanese- “I love Orient watches because they are 100% Japanese. They are not made in Singapore, Malayasia, Hong Kong, or China. Nothing wrong with that, but a product from Japan is top notch quality.”


Good customer service- “At least one place in this wide world of rude and impersonal retailers still has good customer service. Besides the product being so nice, this service is what made me a repeat customer and will keep me a repeat customer.”

-Orient Watch USA


Bombproof- “I bought this watch [black Mako] because watch collectors described it as bombproof, running reliably for a long time without batteries and without service.”


A must-have- “I had narrowed down my choice to Orient and Seiko but seeing the [CEM75001B] in action made up my mind.”

-Orient Watch USA

What do you think about the CEM75001B? Is it the “new Mako”? Comment below.

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  2. By Steve Poorman on Apr 1, 2010

    More lume is always good.

  3. By Brandon Campbell on Apr 1, 2010

    Very interesting.

  4. By Min on Apr 1, 2010

    The CEM75001B is very similar to the Mako indeed, but I doubt many people would call it the “new Mako”. It has a bigger case, bezel, and bracelet, but keeps a similar style to the Mako. However, no matter how similar it is, it just isn’t the same watch that we know and love. The Mako has been and will be one of my favorite watches, and I don’t think anything can replace it. These two are both great watches and are worth every penny, but the Mako will stay as THE Mako, and nothing will replace that.

  5. By Mike Bernier on Apr 2, 2010

    I have the original blue Mako (CEM65002D), and for my 7″ wrist its 41mm dial is about perfect. This new watch at 45mm might be a bit too big for my wrist or my tastes. Its styling is similar, but not identical to, the Mako; the larger lumed markers and hands are a plus. I could see it being called the “Mako II” or something similar.

  6. By Joe on Apr 3, 2010

    Could we have a lume shot, please?
    My CEM75001 has a very weak lume.

  7. By Vic Fernando on Dec 15, 2010

    this is perhaps the most eye catching and breath taking inexpensive time piece that a man can ever have! I know because it keeps getting complimented every where i go!

  8. By L.J. Pantaleo on Dec 24, 2010

    Its hard to imagine the Mako being improved upon but I love the simplicity of design and stylish good looks of the Mako II.

  9. By Martin Thorson on Apr 22, 2011

    Im really enjoying my Black original 6500 series mako,even though
    I prefer larger sized watches…

    After reading all the info I am sure I will be ordering the Black Mako 2 soon…

  10. By Norman upham on May 24, 2011

    I just spent 2 weeks on line looking for a dive watch, I stumbled on the Black Mako and was hooked, so I ordered it. Now I see the
    CEM7500 1B the Black Mako II, ….. I’m giving the Mako I to my wife when it arrives… and I’m ordering the Mako II now.
    I understand there is a 50% off…. could some one help me out with that, Thanks Norm

9 comments | Tell us what you think!