ORIENT CDB01003T Automatic Watch

October 3rd, 2009 | 13 Comments

Today is a first for the DOD. We are offering a model for our women’s automatic line.

This collection of watches are engineered to combine classical designs of the past with modern fashion of the present. Bars line the insider of the watch to indicate the minutes while Bold bars also line the inside of the watch to indicate the hour of the day. Because of its classic design and modern accents, this watch it perfect to wear around the office yet comfortable enough to wear while relaxing at home.



MSRP: $250| Today’s price: $175 | Comments

A big stand out feature of this ladies automatic is the open heart dial which
allow you to see the complications within the watch.

In addition, the classic numerals set a very sophisticated tone for this


MSRP: $250| Today’s price: $175 | Comments

The band for this model is Genuine leather which provides comfort and style.

Another great attribute of this watch is that it is an automatic and is powered by the motion of your wrist. No more dead batteries. 

MSRP: $250| Today’s price: $175 | Comments

The case back is made of solid stainless steel.

It also features an heart shaped window. This allows you to see the Rotor as it
spins and winds the watch.

MSRP: $250| Today’s price: $175 | Comments

A simple clasp is offered with this model making it easy to get on and off.

MSRP: $250| Today’s price: $175 | Comments

This is the gift box that comes along with this Orient watch, notice the aluminum finish with ORIENT logo engraved in it.

orient gift box

Product Specifications

  • Mechanical Movement : ORIENT caliber 46A40 Made in Japan
  • Self-winding movement
  • 21 jewels
  • 21600/hour vibrations

Product Features

  • Stainless steel case
  • Convex crystal glass
  • See-through case back
  • Genuine leather strap
  • Water resistant to 50m
  • Diameter 37.0mm
  • Thickness 13mm


MSRP: $250| Today’s price: $175 | Comments

Shipping and Returns

Everything is shipped from Los Angeles, via UPS Ground. We only ship to the USA. Shipping is free and you can expect to receive your item within 2 – 4 business days. All orders go out the same business day. Everything is returnable/refundable*. No questions asked. We pride ourselves on live support, 24/7.

If you have any questions, just Comment, and we’ll respond LIVE, or email joey@orientwatchusa.com.

* There is a 10% restocking fee for all returned merchandise.
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  2. By Ross on Aug 6, 2009

    I really like that you are offering this ladies watch. I would get it for my wife if it didn’t have the hearts all over it. But I appreciate you putting a woman’s watch on the DOTD, I hope to see more ladies watches on the DOTD. We WIS’s love to purchase gifts for the ladies :)


  3. By Douglas on Aug 6, 2009

    Wow, this is a wild one!

  4. By Todd on Aug 6, 2009

    I was wondering when DOD was going to open up to the women’s watches since it seems like we’ve exhausted all the mens. This is a way to start it off with a bang. Very unique style, the exhibition window is nice. My fiancee doesn’t like automatics too much because she always forgets to wear them frequently enough and they run out of power, so I would need a watch to be a homerun style to buy one…and pink hearts is a little off.

  5. By Vladimir on Aug 6, 2009

    Wow, I have never seen a watch like this one. Thanks, ORIENT.

  6. By george Peck on Aug 6, 2009

    Thanks for putting a woman’s watch on the DOD site. I purchased a different Orient model: http://orientwatchusa.com/scripts/imageresize.php?src=images/watches/CESAA001W.jpg&h=&w=321&zc=1&q=100 for my wife for Mother’s day, and she loves it. Her answer to the automatics don’t get wound if you don’t wear them, is to wear it all the time.

    The watch I bought is a very nice watch, that seems to be well crafted, and well constructed. I’m sure this one is too, and the open heart is cool. Not quite my wife’s style, however or I would be picking this up.

  7. By Eric on Aug 6, 2009

    I would love to get one for my wife, but she’s not really into the heart motif.

  8. By Meg on Aug 6, 2009

    Offer one with a star or lobster motif and I’m in for one! :)

  9. By Meg on Aug 6, 2009

    Just curious…When is the comment/free watch drawing?

  10. By Chris on Oct 3, 2009


    I haven’t heard of anyone getting “special pricing” or a free watch from this site in my experience. There may have been winners and they never announced it, but you’d think if someone actually WON a watch by commenting, they’d have come back and expressed they at least won (and a complementary wrist shot or something).

  11. By douglas on Oct 3, 2009

    great item

  12. By Dez Meyers on Oct 3, 2009

    This watch is beautiful! You can tell it has great quality just by looking at it!

  13. By Vladimir on Oct 3, 2009

    It is a cute one by ORIENT. However, it looks very childish.

  14. By cindy on Oct 3, 2009

    I would truly love to have one of these tastefull watches for my own!
    I need the large numbers, and I love the hearts!

13 comments | Tell us what you think!