Orient Brazen in Three Variations! FER1W001B0, FER1W002D0 and FER1W003W0

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It’s easy to understand why sport watches are so popular; robust cases, high legibility and design with a bit of flash. The Brazen collection excels with these criteria, and more.  Classic or dress watches typically are on the smaller size for an elegant look and feel on the wrist. Sports watches on the other hand are meant to be a bit bigger, for a larger presence on the wrist. These larger sizes are meant to increase the watch’s readability while being engaged in sporting activities. The Brazen’s case measures in at 42mm in diameter, so it has a commanding presence on the wrist without being overbearing or too large to get in the way. Made up of brushed stainless steel, which is a superb choice for a sports watch, because the brushed finished will help hide accidentally bumps and scratches the watch will surely encounter during daily wear.  While the Brazen is certainly not a diver watch, the case has a 50m depth rating, which will more than enough protection during casual wear. The dial further executes the sporty theme by using a crisp woven texture, giving the watch an automotive style influence.  Turning the watch from side to side, the light catches nicely on the weaving, adding a lovely pattern across the face of the watch. If this wasn’t interesting enough, flipping the Brazen over reveals an exhibition screw caseback. Displayed is the Orient in house caliber 48743 movement, which is also found in the best selling Bambino and Symphony series. Returning back to the front of the Brazen; the color combinations for the dial has a high contrast, perfect for quickly referencing the time. The three dial options are black with white indicators, blue with white indicators and finally white with blue indicators. Contained on the inner bezel are the sans serif font numerals denoting the minutes and seconds. Important to note: All three hands have had lume applied, making for precise time reading even in poor lighting conditions. At the 3 o’clock position is the date complication. Matching the brushed case, a brushed oyster style bracelet has been mounted to this watch.  The Brazen is available in three different dial variations: FER1W001B0FER1W002D0 and FER1W003W0. For even more angles, check out the videos for the black dial, blue dial and white dial.

ORIENT In House Cal. 48743 Mov’t
Stainless Steel Case
Exhibition Caseback
Water resistant to 50m
Diameter: 42mm without crown
Thickness: 10mm
Date Window
MSRP: $210

brazen 7519

brazen 1317 PSed

brazen 6756

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