ORIENT BEM72001B Automatic Watch

October 11th, 2009 | 20 Comments

Today’s deal of the day is a first. It is a combined deal of both an elegant watch from Orient and a single watch winder. Please check the description for details.

Combined MSRP: $174 | Today’s price: $121.80 for both | Comments

This is a fully automatic watch brought to you by Orient Watch. This Gold tone watch is the perfect gift for those who are particular and favor the rich gold tone.


Combined MSRP: $174 | Today’s price: $121.80 for both | Comments

Also included in this Deal of the Day is this Single Automatic Watch Winder.
The winder is Black in color and rotates 1 hour then rests 3 hours


Combined MSRP: $174  | Today’s price: $121.80 for both | Comments

The case for this watch is made of Stainless steel.

Combined MSRP: $174 | Today’s price: $121.80 for both | Comments

This particular winder features clockwise or counter clockwise rotation with a built in smart IC timer and silent motor.


In addition, this winder is spring loaded to adjust to any type of bracelet or clasp style watch.

Combined MSRP: $174 | Today’s price: $121.80 for both | Comments

The case back is screwed down and is water resistant to 50 meters.



Combined MSRP: $174  | Today’s price: $121.80 for both | Comments
The band is comfortable and adjustable with a fold over buckle.



Combined MSRP: $174 | Today’s price: $121.80 for both | Comments

This is the gift box that comes along with this Orient watch, notice the aluminum finish with ORIENT logo engraved in it.

orient gift box


Combined MSRP: $174  | Today’s price: $121.80 for both | Comments

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Merchandise is also returnable/refundable*. No questions asked. We pride ourselves on live support, 24/7.

If you have any questions, just comment, and we’ll respond LIVE, or email



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  2. By Eric on Aug 20, 2009

    Yikes. Bad watch, dad deal. Not a winner. Do I win a watch for that comment?

  3. By Bert on Aug 20, 2009


  4. By Frank In Miami on Aug 20, 2009

    This one comes with your choice of polyster suit too.:)

    Of all Orient 3 star watches, why this one? I can think of at least 10-15 versions of this watch that look 1000 times more attractive than this 1970s watch.

  5. By go blue on Aug 20, 2009

    Are you kidding? This is Orient’s worst watch, and that’s the deal? No wonder you threw in the winder!

    Is there really a winner every night?

  6. By james on Aug 20, 2009

    You guys are forgetting the Price Match policy mentioned soo many times…

  7. By John Sapotichne on Aug 20, 2009

    My guess is this. They mentioned a price match policy sometime back. Perhaps you should try that :)

  8. By Nick on Aug 20, 2009

    What did they do to get these awful pictures, hit the “Make It Look As Bad As Possible” filter in Photoshop??!?
    Seriously, the quality of the photos on the entire Orient site do a disservice to their watches. Any of the owners’ photos on the watchuseek forum are far superior to the ones here.
    ORIENT MARKETING: Please put in high-res zoomable photos, and include at least 3 views of each watch, please.
    A happy Orient customer – Love the watches, not crazy about the website.

  9. By Matthew on Aug 20, 2009

    Ha! I guess I am the only person that doesn’t hate this watch. While not my absolute favorite, it is actually very similar to an old gold Seiko that I have. I am a fan of gold tone, even though it seems that they are “out of style” at the moment.

  10. By Todd on Aug 20, 2009

    Love the deal, I really need a single watch winder and I would be inclined to jump all over it except I don’t like gold watches in general. The gold and black look just seems off to me.

  11. By Frank In Miami on Aug 20, 2009

    Actually this Orient 3 star uses the same exact caliber 469 movement found in our beloved Makos….

  12. By Malaking_Bayag on Aug 20, 2009

    The end is near. Together with the less-than-stellar and subpar discounts Orient is giving out and this yellow watch DOD, this site should might as well be renamed “INVICTA WATCH SITE.COM”

  13. By Jason on Aug 20, 2009


    Exact same watch winder (except for the color) for $39.95 with free shipping.

  14. By Howard Luo on Aug 20, 2009

    I was actually waiting for an Orient 3 Star but unfortunately, the gold tone and non-solid bracelet are deal-breakers for me. I’m glad to see that Orient DOD is getting back on the right track by offering a unique watch that is not sold on orientalwatchusa.com. Looking forward to the next offer.
    On a side note, I absolutely love the last unique watch I ordered (CDB05001T). It is my favorite watch right now and I’ve been wearing it everyday. With more DODs like that and I think I will go broke.

  15. By BaiBai on Aug 20, 2009

    There is a time, place, and occasion for every watch.

    This one will be THE watch to wear if’n powder blue leisure suits and medallions make a come back.

  16. By Vladimir on Aug 20, 2009

    This one of the least desirable timepieces by ORIENT.

  17. By Brian on Aug 20, 2009

    Yeah I have to agree with everyone else on this one. Not too appealing.

  18. By Matthew on Aug 20, 2009

    Man, what is up with all the haters on this watch? Its really not that bad. I kind of like it. If I hadn’t purchased so many watches in the past few weeks, I would be all over this one!

  19. By Frank In Miami on Aug 21, 2009

    I personally like Orient 3 star watches. Reliable, inexpensive, tough as nails and compare very well against 7S26 movement equipped Seiko 5′s.

    The problem is that I dislike watches bathed in cheesy fake gold plating. This is the kind of plating used in watches back in the 70s and 80s that peels off and looks like utter junk after a few years. I am surprised to see Orient still using this kind of low rent plating, but then again, this is a watch that seems to be aimed at (no offense intended) low income folks in some Asian countries.

    Of all the much nicer looking Orient 3 stars that Puri-time has in their product catalog, I have no idea why they decided to pick the ugliest one of the bunch? Gosh, they even have sunburst dials and prism crystal bezels that are decidedly retro-cool.

    But this one? No way Jose!

  20. By andy on Oct 11, 2009

    Not a bad looking watch at all… had it not been gold. I do not like gold plated watches. Give me polished ss if you want to throw in bling.

  21. By alaisa boisvert on Oct 11, 2009

    i like this watch i think it is really a beautiful watch .. i love the way it latches , i would love to win this for my boyfriend…

20 comments | Tell us what you think!