ORIENT 2ER00001B Automatic Watch

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Todays Deal is the 2ER00001B

The 2ER00001B is a professional diver’s watch from an intriguing collection of automatic timepieces, which also includes the 2ER00003B with a silver and gold two-toned band. The most interesting feature of this watch is the use of 21 jewels in the most sensitive areas of the watch’s mechanics. This reduces friction in the movement of the watch, which allows for a more accurate time. Since this watch is mechanical, it is powered through the spring of the watch. As the watch is being worn, it will power itself. However, the watch will use its power once it remains still.



 MSRP: $180 | Today’s price: $126 | Comments

The dial (face of the watch) has many stand-out features that you will enjoy.
You will notice that the bezel (outer ring of the watch) has a coined edge for
added texture and style. The bezel is 60 clicks and uni-directional, which means that it rotates in one direction. The rotating bezel allows the owner to view how much
time has passed by adjusting the indicator to the minute hand.

At the 3 o’clock position, you will see that there is a magnifying glass that overlooks the date indicator. To adjust the date, you must rotate the crown (time-setting piece). The crown has 2 different levels to it that adjusts the date and the time. The first level will correspond to the date, while the second level will adjust the time. Another interesting feature of this watch is its luminescent hands. This allows you to view your watch during the evening and underwater.


 MSRP: $180 | Today’s price: $126 | Comments



The crown for this watch comes with shoulders for added protection from
physical damage. When you are swimming or going scuba-diving, water will not
enter the case for up to 10 bars, which is equivalent to 100 meters.

MSRP: $180 | Today’s price: $126 | Comments

Notice the screw down case back with the Orient logo engraved on it.

MSRP: $180 | Today’s price: $126 | Comments

The links for this band comes in a 3-piece combination. You will notice that
the links are unfinished metal. The band is a solid stainless steel piece. The
clasp for this series is a fold-over-clasp-with-safety. This specific clasp
prevents the watch from coming off of your wrist unintentionally.


 MSRP: $180 | Today’s price: $126 | Comments

You’ll be sure to enjoy the complimentary gift box with its aluminum finish and the ORIENT logo engraved in it.

orient gift box 

Product Specifications

  • Movement: 21 Jewels Orient Japan Automatic Movement
  • Power Source: Automatic Winding
  • Case: Stainless Steel
  • Bracelet: Stainless Steel Solid Band
  • Caseback: Screw-Down Stainless Steel
  • Water Resistant: 100M
  • Weight: 4.32 OZ.
  • Case diameter: 39mm.
  • Gift Box: Orient Premium Gift Box
  • Color: BLACK

Product Features

  • Mechanical Watch with Automatic Winding Kinetic Motion Inspired
  • Internal Twenty One Japanese Jewels Automatic Movement
  • Shock-proof bearings
  • Oscillation Frequency: "21,600 oscillations per hour (6 beats per sec)"
  • Continuous Operation Time: more than 40 hours
  • Scratch Resistant Mineral Crystal
  • Luminous Hands and Markers
  • Screw-down Crown
  • Magnified date
  • Unique Dome Glass
  • Designed for Professional Divers
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

MSRP: $180 | Today’s price: $126 | Comments

Shipping and Returns

Everything is shipped from Los Angeles, via UPS Ground. We only ship to the USA. Shipping is free and you can expect to receive your item within 2 – 4 business days. All orders go out the same business day. Everything is returnable/refundable*. No questions asked. We pride ourselves on live support, 24/7.

If you have any questions, just Comment, and we’ll respond LIVE, or email

*There is a 10% restocking fee for all returned merchandise.

** Coupons cannot be used on DOD items unless we specifically issued them for that purpose. Any order which utilizes a coupon is subject to cancellation at our discretion without prior notice.

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  2. By Mr. Sparkles on Jun 7, 2009

    Hi, the movement is Japanese, but where is the watch made/assembled?

    Also what are those little words on the bottom of the dial near the 6 o’clock position?


  3. By Memdachef on Jun 7, 2009

    Water Resistant -10bar

    It means that is is water resistant to 100 meters or 330 feet. Also there is no such thing as a waterproof watch only water resistant. and hello this is a Mako!!

  4. By garwal on Jun 7, 2009

    This one is a must have for all. Mine has been around many years now and it is always one of my favorites. A watch for every day wear, you could not do better, and the price ,, it’s a steal.

  5. By garwal on Jun 7, 2009

    on pig skin:

    On pig skin

  6. By Frank In Miami on Jun 7, 2009

    Hello, this watch is not the slightly pricier 200m diver known as the Mako. The Mako has a separate screwdown date pusher, does not have a cyclops over the date window (Plus the Mako has a day/date complication in both English and Spanish). The Mako is slightly larger too.

  7. By Jelacon on Jun 7, 2009

    wow, I was never a big fan of the 2er until I saw it on pigskin …

  8. By RobG on Aug 1, 2009

    I’d keep it on a bracelet, not a fan of leather on divers…salt water + leather = new band shopping :)

  9. By Eric on Sep 6, 2009

    It’s probably nicer than my knock off Submariner. What the heck, it was a gift.

  10. By RobG on Sep 6, 2009

    Nice, classic submariner homage watch…note the decent magnifier over the date, many homages fall short there.

  11. By Ben on Sep 6, 2009

    Love that bezel. And the dot on the second hand!

  12. By Tyler on Oct 26, 2009

    Such a beautiful piece!

  13. By Kyle on Nov 5, 2009

    Ok, I want one

  14. By Tony Parfitt on Dec 5, 2009

    Hi, Just saw the comments re the Orient 100M divers and could not resist my own story. About 3 years ago I found a WW2 Omega military watch I had been hunting for a while and did a deal with the guy which included the Orient. I was so impressed, I wear it almost every day fitted with a black military style strap which looks really cool. Most people think it’s a Rolex Sub. I like it so much I also bought a blue face from Island Watch for under AUS$200. These watches must represent some of the best value I have ever seen. How do they do it for the price? Cheers, Tony.

  15. By Richard Goble on Feb 6, 2010

    At Christmas I received an Orient 2ER00002D 100m Professional Sport Diver Blue dial. It was already running when I opened the mail parcel and after setting the time we were up and away. Since then it has never stopped and is still accurate to within a few seconds without any alteration and the watch is really comfortable to wear. I am amazed that Orient can produce such an excellent product at such a reasonable price. I think Automatic watches are due for a big increase in popularity as people realise how energy efficient they are. My next goal is to get this watch with the black face and bezel.
    Best wishes

  16. By Richard Thorneycroft on Aug 12, 2010

    I live in the UK and would LOVE to have the orient 2ER00001B. I see that you do not ship outside the US. Is there any way I can get my hands on one? Do you have any UK stockists?
    Yours emploringly,

  17. By Orient Gabriela on Aug 12, 2010

    Richard- Orient now ships internationally!

    Get more info here: http://www.orientalwatchsite.com/international-orders/

  18. By jkchua on Jan 1, 2011

    I just received one as a birthday gift from the missus.. it’s awesome!

  19. By giuseppe on Jun 2, 2011

    Orient 2ER00001B quanto costa???

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