Open your Heart to the Orient CFHAA003D

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Like the tin man, many watches do not show you their heart. Not the Orient CFHAA003D—this watch opens its heart every time you look at your wrist. Check out the heartfelt features of the CFHAA003D.

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Open Heart Window

Featured near the 9 o’clock position, the open heart window allows wearers to see inside the CFHAA003D. The clearly visible gears move before the wearer’s eyes, turning the hands of the watch. As an added touch, the open heart window has a small detail stone above the gears.

Power Reserve

Known as one of the best makers of mechanical watches, Orient gives wearers the traditional watch wearing experience in the CFHAA003D. Powered by the movement of the wrist, the CFHAA003D has a power reserve visible near the 12 o’clock position. The power reserve is available for up to 40 hours and decreases when the watch is not worn.

Stylish Band

The CFHAA003D gives a new twist to the classic leather band. Blue in color, the band stands out with white stitching. The band also differs from the other leather bands in its buckle. Instead of a normal buckle, the CFHAA003D is fitted with a butterfly deployment clasp. This clasp polishes the look of the watch and extends the life of the band. It also makes taking the watch on and off much easier.

Are you ready to open your heart to the CFHAA003D?

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