Ms. Diver: A Look at Orient’s Exclusive Women’s Dive Watch

May 29th, 2012 Posted in Orient Watch Reviews | 3 Comments

Orient Watch USA now offers a variety of sporty watch styles for women. One such watch, the Ms. Diver, boasts water resistance, reliability, and quality comparable to Orient’s other exclusive dive watches. Read on to learn more about this great women’s watch.


Orient’s Ms. Diver series is the first of its kind for Orient Watch USA, containing a light-weight quartz movement that has been noted for its accuracy. Here’s what else is good about this watch series:

  • 200m water resistance for recreational diving, swimming, and other water sports
  • 60-click unidirectional, stainless steel bezel
  • Stainless steel case
  • Date calendar
  • 1-year international guarantee

In addition, the Ms. Diver series is available in a variety of styles and colors. Read on to see which one suits your look best.


Orient makes it easy to find the best watch for you. It’s no different with the Ms. Diver series, which is available in 6 unique styles. Styles include:

  • Black dial, navy bezel, and stainless steel band
  • White dial, navy bezel, and stainless steel band
  • Navy dial, silver bezel, and stainless steel band
  • Navy dial, silver bezel, and white urethane band
  • White dial, navy bezel, and white urethane band
  • Black dial, navy bezel, and black urethane band

Which is your favorite? Tell us below and read on to learn more about the Ms. Diver watches!


The Ms. Diver has become a popular women’s sports watch. The watch has been called comfortable, easy-to-read, and suitable for working, cooking, exercising, and just about everything else.

Do you wear a Ms. Diver? If so, please share your experience at Orient Watch USA.

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  2. By Sarah Sowl on Jun 1, 2012

    I would be very interested in the free orient watch. I would use it and recommend it to all my friends and family!

  3. By Thomas Belmont on Jun 7, 2012

    Wow, that is certainly a great looking watch! I am considering getting an orient watch for my sister so I am happy to gain some good information about them. I have had really good luck with Sector watches. I own two different models and really enjoy both of them. The Ocean master is my favorite as it is great for diving. Even if you are not looking for a dive watch they still may be worth your time to check out.

  4. By tough tactical watch on Nov 16, 2013

    My wife owned this watch for approximately a year now. She was hesitant to buy an Orient watch, mainly because she had never heard of the company. However, after a thorough search of user reviews, Orient stood out as offering an excellent watch for the money.

3 comments | Tell us what you think!