Looking for a New Watch? Check Out These Orient Watch Reviews

April 16th, 2010 | 3 Comments

Before buying a watch, or anything for that matter, be sure to do some research on it first.

To make things a little easier, this article will focus on a few watch reviews covering some popular Orient watches, including:

CFT00004B “Racing”

The CFT00004B is one of Orient’s most popular watches in the Racing series.

But why?

Well for starters, it has a really cool “racing inspired” look that is appealing to many people. The subtle touches of bright green help to unify and simplify what could otherwise be a very busy watch face.


The watch also has a lot of special features, including:
  • 100% in-house automatic movement
  • 40-hour Power Reserve and Indicator
  • Skeleton case back and semi-skeleton dial
  • Sapphire crystal
  • Stainless steel case and band
  • 100m water resistance
  • Slide rule bezel
  • Screwed-down crown

But perhaps more importantly, what are people saying about this timepiece?

A marvel- “The semi-skeleton face is very nice, too. I catch myself staring at the oscillations of the balance wheel, and marvel at the engineering that goes into a watch like this.”

Accurate and balanced- “The watch seems to be very accurate for an automatic, gaining or loosing only a few seconds (<5) per day. As far as design goes, it looks good and successfully pulls off a balance between sport and dress." Easy-to-read- “Despite the semi skeleton design its not hard at all to tell time and there is just enough of the watch’s guts to keep the watch face interesting to look at while, at the same time, having just enough covered so that you have a functional face.”



Another customer compared the skeletonized CFT00004B to the Terminator. Here’s an excerpt from his review:

“The design seems to ride between being a tool watch and being a watch that showcases how a mechanical movement works. Then I remembered the Terminator… Everyone remembers the cool look that Schwarzenegger had when he was between looking like a person and a machine. You got a glimpse of what was making him work, but you were still connected with the human part [or] the functional “covering” over the machine underneath.”


Want to see more of the CFT00004B? Check out this watch in action in an Orient Watch review.

2ER00004D “Submariner”

The 2ER00004D is one of Orient’s Automatic Diver Watches. The watch has a very classic “diving-inspired” look that is reminiscent of traditional Rolex designs.

This watch is much simpler in design than the CFT00004B or CFA05002B, which may be more preferable to someone who likes a toned-down, clean watch that is anything but boring.


Check out this brief review of the features:
  • 100% in-house movement
  • 40-hour Power Reserve
  • Stainless steel case and band
  • 100m water resistance
  • Unidirectional bezel
  • Screwed-down crown

So, what have customers said about this watch?

Feels and looks great- “Overall I am very happy with this watch. It has the look I really wanted, feels and looks great on the wrist. It is just a little flashy, but it really works.”

Elegant, Sharp, Classy-
“[The watch] combines with an elegant dial, sharp bezel and classy bracelet.”

-Orient Watch USA


Just enough bling- “It’s a nice piece with just the right amount of bling.”

Fantastic color- “The navy blue dial and gold is a fantastic combination.”


CFA05002B “World Timer”

The CFA05002B is a popular World Timer from Orient’s Executive Automatic collections. Like the CFT00004B, the World Timer uses a lot of special watch features, which make both timepieces very remarkable additions to any collection.


Here are the main features on the CFA05002B:
  • 100% in-house movement
  • 40-hour Power Reserve and Indicator
  • Skeleton case back
  • Sapphire crystal
  • Stainless steel case and band
  • Carbon fiber dial
  • 100m water resistance
  • Screwed-down crown

Plus, it has a world timer (hence the name), so it makes an excellent choice for people who travel a lot. Or people who just like a watch with a lot of features and gadgets.

Let’s see what people have said about the CFA05002B in their reviews:

Refined- “This watch literally looks like a higher end Swiss timepiece and is, in my opinion, leaps and bounds more refined looking”

Fine workmanship- “[The dial] is the highlight of the watch. [It] exudes class and fine workmanship.”


Legible lume- “The lume is applied to the hour indicators and the hour and minute hands. When charged up it is very legible in the dark.”

Highly recommended- “The Orient CFA05002B is simply a great watch and really changed my perception of the Orient brand. I highly recommend it.”


If you have an Orient Watch review, be sure to submit it to OrientWatchUSA.com.

But in the meantime, share your thoughts about these watches below.

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  4. By Chris Chamberlin on Jul 3, 2010

    The Orient World Time CFA05002B is a great looking watch. I will buy it upon my return from California. Semper Fi

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