Lights, Camera, Action: The Orient CDB02002B

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There’s a reason why video killed the radio star.

Whether it’s a watch like the Orient CDB02002B or another purchase, making a decision to buy something important can be difficult, and you should solicit all the help you can get with making tough decisions.

It’s easy to fall in love with the CDB02002B, but like anything else, a little research should be done before making a commitment to buy it.

When you want to know more about something, you probably Google it, and you should. Reading things like forum discussions and customer reviews can be extremely helpful when making a final decision about a purchase.

But when it comes to watches, it’s also a good idea to YouTube it. Here’s why we think videos are extremely helpful and some things to look for when watching them:

  • Why a Video?
  • What to Watch For
  • The Orient CDB02002B Video

Why a Video?

So why exactly did video kill the radio star? Because videos are better.

There’s only so much a stock photo and a description on a website can do. Watching a video about a watch will give you a sense of how a watch really looks, how it moves, and how it works. It’s like taking it for a test drive before you buy it.

This is especially important when a watch has a lot of unique design features, like the CDB02002B or the Orient CFA05002B. Watching a video allows you to see the watch and all of its features in action. If there are any imperfections in the functionality, a picture might hide it, but a video won’t.

Have you ever seen a photo of something, and realized that the color looks totally different in the picture than in real life? It happens a lot because of lighting, so seeing a watch in a video will give you a better idea of what the colors really look like.

What to Watch For

So what kinds of things should you be looking for in a watch video? Here are some tips that we find helpful to get the most out of your viewing experience:


A watch’s diameter and thickness are both important factors when it comes to selecting a watch, and just looking at a picture might not give you a good idea of how big a watch really is.

If the watch is displayed on someone’s wrist, you’ll be able to get a better idea of its size. If a side view is offered, look to see if it looks too bulky.


A video leaves nothing to the imagination. As you observe the watch move, look for things that will give you an idea of how well the watch is made. Look at the colors, and check to see if there are any scratches on the dial or the band.


A video can be a great tutorial if a watch has a feature that you’re not familiar with. If you’re looking at a chronograph watch, for example, the video should show you how to use that function. If it has a skeleton caseback like the CDB02002B, a good video will allow you to see that feature and how it works.

The Orient CDB02002B Video

You should be able to see a watch in action before you buy it. That’s the idea behind OrientWatchUSA’s YouTube channel, which features videos of Orient models.

In the videos, Mark Kim gives you a closer look at Orient watches and shows you everything they have to offer in a way that a stock photo can’t. The channel also has helpful tutorial videos on how to do things like change a watch band.

Below is a video for the Orient CDB02002B. In the video, you can see the way the unique khaki dial and the black stitching on the leather band really look. You’ll see the watch on Mark Kim’s wrist, and you can watch it being unclasped. He also shows you a close-up view of the caseback and teaches you how to use the crown.

Are you contemplating buying an Orient watch but are still in the research stage? Maybe you can’t decide between 2 models, and you’d like to get a better idea of what they each offer. The videos on Orient’s YouTube channel will help make your decision much easier.

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