Ladies Automatic Watch: CDB01003T

April 26th, 2012 | 4 Comments

This ladies CDB01003T automatic watch by Orient includes a classic look, beautiful detailing, and ultimate comfort in the leather band. As part of the Ladies Automatic Collection, it features a mechanical design; in other words, when you wear it, the energy from the motion of the watch is stored in a spring, which then powers the mechanical timing device of the watch. Simply put, you power the watch.

Want to learn more about this watch? This article discusses:

    • Heart-shaped watch features


    • Leather watch bands


  • Watches as fashion accessories


Gorgeous Heart-Detailing: The Perfect Feminine Touch

The heart symbol is standard across most cultures as being a sign for love, charity, joy, and compassion. It is a classic symbol of love. The heart is typically associated as being a feminine image, and provides beautiful detailing on all kinds of fashionable female jewelry, from necklaces to watches.

Perhaps the most distinctive feature of the Ladies automatic watch, CDB01003T, is the heart details.

There is an open heart dial that allows you to see the complications within the watch. Not only does this provide a unique look into the workings of an automatic watch, but it does so in a way that is stylish.

There is also a heart-shaped window on the watch. This allows you to see the rotor as it spins and winds the watch. These features give this watch something special, that all women will truly love.


Genuine Leather Band: Comfort and Style

Choosing the perfect watch band can make all the difference in the world when buying a watch. No one wants a boring look or an irritating fit. Genuine leather watch bands provide both a stylish look and a comfortable fit.

Cowhide or calf-leather is the most common leather used for watch bands. Ostrich leather is perhaps the most luxurious material used for watch bands. It has a very soft and supple feel. Other popular leathers are used as well though, including stingray, alligator, and crocodile.

Leather is a classic style that has been around for many years and loved by many people. It gives off a very classic look and feel. Plus, leather is exceptionally durable so the band has a longer lifespan.

This beautiful watch by Orient features a genuine leather band that is both stylish and comfortable for its wearer.


Classic and Stylish Design: Perfect for all Occasions

More and more women are starting to wear watches not only into the office, but also for a night out as a fashion accessory. Watches used to be only a functional piece of jewelry that many women did not even care to wear; but today, this is not the case.

Watches have made significant improvements over the years, and the variety of styles and types available today is larger than ever. Today Now, there is now a second, sometimes more important, reason to wear a watch than to keep time. Watches are a great fashion accessory, and the more occasions it can be worn, the better.

This stunning ladies automatic by Orient comes from their collection of watches featuring classic designs with modern touches.

Additionally, the classic numerals give this watch a very sophisticated quality. Its classic design and modern accents make it the ideal watch for the office, evening out, or just for relaxing at home. Perfect for all occasions, it’s a great watch to add to your collection.

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  2. By Mary on Nov 4, 2009

    I always have trouble with the strap material, even if it’s leather, on a watch wearing out because I usually wear it all the time so I need the metal band instead. I have small wrists and it’s very difficult to find the right fit. Do you have any suggestions?

  3. By Kaalimah Ali on Dec 19, 2009

    My wrist is very very tiny and I need help finding a watch to fit it just right.

  4. By egisatari on Dec 20, 2009

    nice watches…

  5. By James Fiddler on Dec 26, 2009

    My wife would love this!

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