Is it Classic or Sporty? – A Review of the Dyno Alarm Chronograph

August 8th, 2014 | No Comments

_DSC2151 - CopyThe Dyno walks a fine line. Its a classic watch with sports influence, or is it sports watch with classic watch influence?

The presentation of the watch points directly towards a classic dress watch. On the other hand the functionality of the watch points directly towards a sports watch.

Lets begin with the presentation. Both the FTD09004B0 and FTD09005W0 are cased in a polished rose gold tone stainless steel case, with polished rose gold tone hands and markers on leather bands (4B on black, 5W on brown). The 4B is on black dial, which the 5W is on white dial with a contrasting black slide ruler. The through use of polished rose gold tone for the case as well as the dial accents visually leads the wearer to associate the watch as a piece meant for a dressy occasion. If the Dyno Chronograph was presented in a matte or brushed finish, this would be a different story.

Now for the functionalities of the watch, which are very sporty. First and foremost the functionality that stands out immediately is the chronograph. The subdials on the dial and pusher on the side of the case visually increase the complication of the watch, though with that thought in mind, the watch is laid out very clearly and very legibly. Adding to the functionality is the slide ruler along the inner bezel, which is controlled by the crown at the 10 o’clock position. The most interesting and unusual complication seen on the Dyno is the alarm function at the 6 o’clock subdial. Not often seen on modern pieces anymore, aside from telling the time, the alarm can be one of the most useful tools on the watch. The more complications a watch has, the sportier it looks and feels, which is certainly the case with the Dyno. But the classy packaging and presentation as a unique effect on the Dyno, creating a marriage between sport and dress.

Not strictly a dress watch, yet not strictly a sports watch; the Dyno walks the line and does it with grace. It is a timepiece that can easily be dressed up or dressed down at a moments notice while not looking out of place doing either.


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