International Orders

August 7th, 2010 | 2 Comments

Orient Watch USA is proud to announce we now accept orders from outside the United States.

International customers can place an order with us through

We only accept international orders that are placed with Shipito is a mail forwarding service that can offer better rates than we can. Since the facility is located in the United States shipping to Shipito will be free. The customer can then choose what carrier to use to get the package from Shipito to its final destination.

Any customer who chooses to order using Shipito will be responsible for all shipping costs to and from LA including returns, exchanges, repairs and any other reason you would need to send a watch back to us, and this includes return shipping.

If you have any questions regarding Shipito, you can contact them directly at You can also contact Joey with any questions at

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  2. By stephanus on Oct 20, 2010

    i try to shop on line but it doesn’t work
    the problem is the billing address
    i even registered with
    but i cant buy any watch
    i have to look for other on line shop now

  3. By Kalin Dimitrov on Nov 1, 2010

    Excellent news about! I am writing you from Mexico and I like very much the Orient watches. I like the mechanical watches, because they are really engineered with precision, high quality materials and much knowledge. Orient maintains really very good prices compared with European watches and the quality is very similar or I would say Orient is better and very practical.

    Best Regards and thank you!

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