If I Were a Bro, I’d Wear the Orient CEV09001D

December 8th, 2010 | 1 Comment

There are few fashion accessories that know no gender boundaries. But a watch is one of them. For both men and women of all ages, watches have morphed from merely functional timepieces to essential fashion accessories that just happen to tell you the time.

We’re all for gender equality. However, there are certain style features a watch can have that make it noticeably more masculine or feminine. The Orient CDB01003T, for example, is a feminine model, with heart details on the face and caseback, a cream colored leather band, and elegantly curved numbers.

The Orient Retro Future Car Concept YFHAB001H, on the other hand, is a very masculine model. It’s design draws inspiration from the industrial revolution of the 1950’s, so features on the dial are reminiscent of parts of a classic car. The larger case size is perfect for bigger wrists.

Orient has everything, from the girliest watches to the most macho models, and everything in between.

The Orient CEV09001D is the in between.

Sure, the product description lists this model as a men’s watch, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. As part of the Executive collection, the CEV09001D is a dressy watch, perfect for the office. Just as executives can be men or women, this model is perfect for both genders. Here’s why:

  • Color
  • Size
  • Style

While some colors are thought to be gender specific, blue appeals to both genders. Color theorists can form their opinions about it, but we think the reason is simple. Blue is elegant, and it looks great on everyone, so it’s a perfect dress watch color option for both men and women.

Men generally have larger wrists than women, so a men’s watch with too big of a diameter might look a little too bulky on most women. Over-sized watches are a trend, but watches that are so big and heavy that simply lifting your arm gives you a work-out, are not so trendy.

The CEV09001D is the perfect size for the wrists of men and women. It has a case diameter of 36 mm and a case thickness of just 12.1 mm, so it has a lightweight feel but is still big enough to make a statement on any wrist.

While the CDB01003T and YFHAB001H have busy dials with many features, the CEV09001D keeps it simple, which gives it a widespread appeal that transcends gender boundaries.

The color scheme, white features on a blue dial, as well as the font of the hour markers, are both simple and classic. The only complications on the dial are a date and day indicator.

So, ladies, when you’re shopping for a timepiece, don’t feel obligated to stay within the confines of timepieces that are labeled “women’s.” A simple men’s model, like the CEV09001D, is the perfect choice for everyone.

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  2. By Ph Red on Jan 7, 2011

    …as an aspiring collector, and hopefully sharing this bug with my wife, knowing that we can even share watches is certainly a plus for us. I never thought of watches as unisex, but I can see that it really just depends on preference.

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