History – Chronograph

February 22nd, 2012 | No Comments

A chronograph is an excellent feature that heightens the complexity of any watch. A chronograph allows to stop at least one hand to facilitate in reading elapsed time, which is a very useful feature on a wristwatch. “Chrono” comes from the Greek word for time and “graph” means “writing” yet the creator of the chronograph was French. Its invention is dated in 1821 and was originally referred to as a stopwatch. By 1910 it was introduced as a feature on the wristwatch and has been a staple ever since.

Of course not all chronographs are created equal, and they can have several kind of functions. They can be used for specific and varied time measurements that involve several sub dials. More advanced chronographs have a sub register that can measure total hours yet even a simple chronograph requires very complicated and precise craftsmanship. The chronograph is often paired with the significance of being a sport feature because of timing capabilities. Diver watches have very specific chronograph mechanisms as their primary function is to be used under water. Chronograph watches are also valued for their stylistic appeal, becoming both practical and fashionable. Check out Orient’s Diver watches here.

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