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February 9th, 2010 | 8 Comments

Orient Watch USA offers diving watches for a variety of diving options, from snorkeling to saturation diving. Saturation diving involves being well beyond 100 meters underwater, where the pressure is over 10 times greater than at sea level. Read on to learn more about saturation diving and the features of a watch designed for the activity.

What is saturation diving?

Think about this – the pressure in a bicycle tire is 30-50 psi (pounds per square inch). Paint ball guns shoot at 120-200 psi. The pressure on a deep-sea diver during a 2 week, 200m saturation dive can be as high as 339 psi.

Saturation diving allows divers to live underneath the sea for long periods of time. It’s called saturation diving because during a dive, tissues in the diver’s body rapidly collect gases from the surrounding environment until a point of saturation is reached. After a deep dive, a diver has to decompress, which often takes longer than the actual dive. However, once the point of saturation is achieved at a certain depth, the bloodstream cannot take on any more gases and decompression time remains the same whether the dive duration is 2 hours, 2 days, or 2 weeks.

Saturation diving was developed to bring and keep divers under the pressure of the dive depth, let them work more efficiently, and decompress only once.

This is done by saturating divers’ bloodstreams with inert gasses such as helium, eliminating the need to decompress frequently. This is achieved by having the divers live in Deep Sea Habitats, or pressurized cabins under the sea. Thus, divers can withstand longer durations at depth – sometimes even months at a time.

Who does it?

Currently, the Comex company employs saturation divers to lay oil pipes across the North Sea. But most saturation diving isn’t done for commercial purposes; a majority of saturation diving is done by military personnel and scientists.

In 2003, off the coast of North Carolina, the Naval Experimental Dive Unit’s saturation divers helped recover the sunken turret of USS Monitor, a Civil War Ironclad ship.

Aquarius, a purely scientific Deep Sea Habitat, is located off the shores of Key Largo, Florida. It is the centerpiece of a research program for Florida’s fragile coral reefs.

Coral Reef

Operating since 1993, Aquarius is a comfortable living environment that provides enough space and technology to conduct experiments and research that could not be done elsewhere. Scientists spend 6-9 hours a day in the water and sometimes go out at night, too.

What kind of watch do you need?

Saturation diving involves exposing a diver to helium, which could penetrate a regular water resistant watch, raise its internal pressure, and cause it to break when surfacing. To prevent this, most watches have an escape valve.

Orient diver

With a water resistance of up to 300m, the CFD0C001B Professional Saturation Diver watch is ideal for saturation diving. Additionally, it has a special case design to prevent the helium gas from penetrating and in turn, the internal pressure from rising, eliminating the need for an escape valve.

This Orient diver watch has a bright orange face, sharp dial and bracelet that blend style with utility.

by Cassie Wallace

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  2. By Steve Poorman on Feb 9, 2010

    I am a huge fan of this watch. Would love to see how the lume is.

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    This is my favorite watch. Innovative, impressive, stylish. They have everything to live in step with the times.

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    I prefer Orient watches for work and play. No other watch has satisfied me like they have.

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    I am a watch geek and I love this design. It is classic with a flair.

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    I love the 300m. It took a while and eventually I got the 3…
    Wearing the yellow right now :)

  7. By ana marcelo on Mar 20, 2010

    honesty that’s my dreamwatch, japanese made, 300m saturation diver with power reserve indicator but since i can’t afford the cost i settled for the Orient 200m diver blue face (CEM65002DV) and still wishing that one day my dreamwatch will be on my wrist…

  8. By Gil on Jul 6, 2010

    This watch does everything it needs to do without being overly complicated!

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    charming watch

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