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Picture this scenario: Two men apply for a management position at a big corporate firm. One of them (let’s call him Bob) shows up to the interview in an ill-fitting tuxedo, excessive jewelry, and is wearing strong cologne.

The other candidate, who may even be slightly less qualified, is well-dressed. His shoes and belt match. His suit is simple and sophisticated, and he’s not wearing any accessories except his Orient CDH00001W watch.

Obviously Bob is not getting the job.

A recent poll found that, in the list of the top 10 traits that make a person unemployable, poor dress sense ranked 4th, with 56% of the business owners who were polled revealing that they would not hire a person who dressed poorly.

It’s no secret that, no matter how qualified you are or how great your personality is, your appearance at an interview plays a huge role in whether you or not you get the job. It could even be the deciding factor between two equally qualified candidates.

For men, a wedding band and watch are the only accessories appropriate for a formal interview. But, not just any watch will do. There are certain features that your watch needs to have in order to be appropriate for a job interview.

Read on to find out the following things:

  • What kind of watch to wear to an interview
  • What kind of watch NOT to wear to an interview
  • The golden rule of watches in interviews

What kind of watch to wear to an interview
Generally, any dress watch is appropriate for a job interview. It shows that you’re well put together and refined. What’s not important is how much you pay for the watch.

The Orient CDH00001W is an affordable model that will impress any future employer. The genuine leather band and simple colors of black and white give it a professional appearance. It’s eye-catching without being overwhelming.

Dressy divers” are also a big trend, and a diver watch like the Orient Excursionist FFE06002D can be appropriate for an interview as long as it looks sophisticated. Diver watches with stainless steel bands in simple colors like black, white, and blue can be worn to formal occasions, like an interview.

Avoid bright colors like orange and yellow and a rubber or urethane band.

What kind of watch NOT to wear to an interview
Just like bright colored watches, not every watch is appropriate for an interview. Trendy or flashy designs should be saved for more casual occasions.

The Orient CDB02001B, for example, has a casual and sporty feel. While it’s a unique and stylish model, it’s not the best option to wear to an interview. It’s kind of like wearing really nice sneakers with a business suit. Wearing a sporty watch might send the message that you’re not taking the interview seriously.

The golden rule about watches in interviews
We’ve established that it’s impressive to wear a nice watch to an interview, but the golden rule is this:

Don’t look at it.

In an interview setting, glancing at your watch implies you’re bored, in a hurry, or have another engagement that’s more important. It’s rude.

I know it’s hard. Your CDH00001W is impressive looking, and your future employer will think so too. But try to refrain from looking at it during your interview. You can admire it all you want once you get the job.

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