Get in the Driver’s Seat with the CFTAB002B

April 21st, 2010 | 4 Comments

Many kids dream about being a race car driver; few get to actually zoom around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. However, Orient’s CFTAB002b has such a genuinely race-car inspired look and function that you’ll feel like your high-octane dreams have come true.

From the inside out, the CFTAB002B can be compared to a racecar. Like top racers, Orient mechanical watches are known for performance, reliability, and just plain looking good.

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The CFTAB002B is powered by a Orient’s Caliber 46R41 watch movement. Orient’s in-house mechanical movements are known for their quality, and the 46R41 is no exception.

The movement has 21 jewels, the highest number commonly used in watch movements. Jewels allow watch movements to perform more accurately and last longer.

Here’s why:

In mechanical watches, a watch escapement converts the spring’s rotational motion into back and forth motion that powers the watch.

The escapement includes 3 main parts:

  1. Balance wheel
  2. Balance wheel staff
  3. Pallet lever

Each of these parts contains jewels, which serve different important functions. First, they increase accuracy by reducing friction and therefore increase smooth operation. Secondly, most modern watches use hard and durable synthetic sapphires, which can maintain smoothness over decades of use.

Watches with more jewels tend to be of higher quality, but some watch manufacturers take advantage of the public’s connection of jewels to luxury. A typical fully-jeweled watch has only 17-21 jewels. Don’t be fooled by companies who claim that 50 jewels means a better movement—it just means higher cost.


The CFTAB002B has a solid stainless steel case, bezel and band that will withstand wear, stains and scratches. The tough case measures 40mm across and 13.5mm thick, a size which sits perfectly on your wrist, and the watch dial has convex crystal glasses to ward off scratches.

To make sure you always have enough energy left in the mainspring to power your watch, a 42-hour power reserve indicator resides at 12 o’clock.

Additionally, the automatic is water resistant up to 100m, so you can swim with it. But don’t shower while wearing your watch—while it will keep the water out, the soap can get in the crevices of your watch and ruin it.

Orient watches are dependable and will last for years and years when properly cared for. And if you encounter any problems, Orient Watch USA offers a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on all of its watches.


Superior quality and function are nothing if a timepiece looks cheap. The CFTAB002b is eye-catching and slick, and shows off its inner workings. The see-through caseback lets you see an Orient movement in action.

If you always wanted to be in the driver’s seat of a top indie car, this racing-inspired watch is for you.

Cassie Wallace

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  2. By Jeff Fujita on Apr 21, 2010

    I love the changeup with the shape of this watch and the rectangular window of the caseback. This watch for me is all about weekend fun and would be a nice addition to my Orient collection.

  3. By Scott Pullar on Apr 21, 2010

    That’s a nice looking watch. If it had the date I’d be all over it.

  4. By Stu Turner on Apr 21, 2010

    I saw this model while I was ordering my Blue Mako last night. The unique shape and green second and power reserve hands really make this watch stand out in the crowd. The overall look of the this watch is sophisticated and no-nonsense at the same time, delivering a versatility that transitions from the office to a night out on the town with seamless ease.

  5. By cindy scaccia on Apr 22, 2010

    Okay, I don’t own an Orient watch. YET!! I had a friend HINT that I might like one for my birthday, and all signs indicate that I will.So, I’m keeping my fingers crossed until November!!!

4 comments | Tell us what you think!