Get Bitten by the Watch Bug with the Orient CERAL004B

January 27th, 2011 | No Comments

Cars. Coins. Stamps. Shoes. No matter the object, there’s probably someone in the world who collects it.

Sometimes it starts out as a simple purchase that escalates into a passion or hobby. When it comes to wristwatches, watch aficionados have affectionately dubbed this process as “getting bitten by the watch bug.”

You buy an Orient CERAL004B or an Orient CERAL006W, for example, because you need a watch and you love the modern look of these models. Before you know it, you’re researching how a watch works and subscribing to blogs about watches. You’re looking for ways to build a solid collection of watches, complete with a dress watch, diver watch, sporty watch, and a great vintage timepiece.

Sounds like you’ve been bitten.

You start collecting watches in all different styles and colors. You even share your passion with others, maybe by buying your wife or girlfriend a nice women’s watch like the Orient CETAE002D. You can appreciate a great watch collection, and you want others to share the same appreciation. Soon enough, your friends and family are bitten by the watch bug as well.

There are a lot of reasons people collect things. When it comes to watches, there are 3 big reasons why the watch bug is showing no signs of stopping.

  • Functionality
  • Sentimental Value
  • Variety

Sure, a stamp collection is interesting to look at, but that’s really all you can do with it. Watches like the Orient CERAL004B are different because they can actually be used for something.

The CERAL004B isn’t meant to sit in a display case, admired but untouched. You can wear it to an interview to impress your prospective boss. It will tell you the time with the impeccable accuracy Orient automatic watches are known for. It’s a fashion accessory that will complete any outfit.

Watches are great to collect because they’re more than just something to display. They’re functional, and since you can wear it wherever you go, it’s a great conversation starter.

Sentimental Value
If you’re a watch collector, chances are your favorite piece isn’t your newest, flashiest, or most expensive timepiece. It probably has some sentimental value that makes it special.

Maybe it was passed on from your grandfather, or maybe it’s the watch you were wearing when you got your first job or met your future spouse. Whatever the case may be, watches carry stories with them, and their appeal as a collector’s item often starts with that sentimental value.

Divers. Dress watches. Sporty watches. Digital watches. Pocket watches. There are countless different styles of watches, which make them great to collect. There’s really no limit to how vast a watch collection can be.

Vintage watches are still appreciated today for their classic elegance, while more modern styles offer advanced features that make them fun to collect and convenient to wear. A watch collection can encompass decades of different styles.

Have you been bitten by the watch bug? Are you a seasoned collector or have you just gotten started? Share your thoughts below.

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