Funky Watch Alert

April 3rd, 2012 | 2 Comments

We feature some really interesting funky watches on this blog but none have ever been quite like this! Don’t let this funky watch deceive you, it may look like a watch but in reality it is a temporary tattoo! The folks over at have created watch tattoos that go right on your wrist. They watch has a cartoony vibe, and each reads “Late”. This fun accessory is cheeky and unique! They comes in 6 different colors, each measuring 6in.

Even they aren’t real watches, these tattoos would make a great April fools gift! These tattoos retail for $18.



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  2. By Prashant James on Apr 3, 2012

    would love to win a free orient watch, just purchased my first orient last week!

  3. By DAVID on Apr 4, 2012


2 comments | Tell us what you think!